Post Pregnancy Skin Ageing

Post Pregnancy Skin Ageing
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Skin aging after pregnancy is not the problem of every mother. Some women look BETTER after pregnancy and childbirth maybe because they change their unhealthy diet during pregnancy. But some women do look “worse” after childbirth, at least for a while. 

After the childbirth, looking after the child is a huge stress and a highly-pressured job. Due to the stress, there is a release of a hormone called cortisol into the body, which weakens the skin and causes issues like loss of radiance and dryness. Breastfeeding also affects skin-aging. So, Mommies don’t worry there are easier ways to get your pre-baby glow back. We have solutions to your problems.

  • Puffiness in Eyes: Your eyes are the 1 place to show the effect of aging. Puffiness, fine lines around the eyes are because of dehydration and late night sleep. Change in routine can fast forward your aging process. 

To overcome this, drink at least two liters of water if you are breastfeeding. To protect collagen in the skin use eye product which has antioxidants and vitamin C in it. Also, rollerball applicator helps to drain toxins. It also helps to make eyes feel awake.

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  • Dry Skin: Change in diet after pregnancy and fatigue can worsen your skin and affect your complexion.

For this problem take complexion friendly diet like salmon. Also, take care of your skin by avoiding cleansers containing strong sulphate detergents and mineral oils which clog the pores. For skin repair, barrier function use moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid and phytosterols, and for extra nourishment use a facial oil under moisturizer.

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  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Change in hormones play havoc with collagen in the skin. Also because of exhaustion, there is a release of human growth hormone. If you don’t care your skin, it will reflect on your face.

For this, there is a great anti-aging ingredient called ‘Niacinamide’ which boost barrier function and reduce the effect of stress, it rebuilds, fine lines and project from damage.

  • Spots: There is a release of a hormone called cortisol into the body, which weakens the skin and causes issues like Spots as a higher level of cortisol increases oil production which results in a breakout.

For this use cleanser instead of soap which can make a huge difference in your skin. Topical treatments containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can help for the breakout. Also, this is safe to use while breastfeeding.

  • Loss Of Radiance: Due to stress and tiredness your skin look dull, sallow skin after giving birth. Your pre-pregnancy glow disappear.

To overcome this, use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. Also, you can use a cleansing brush, which uses sonic frequency to get the blood pumping again. The cleansing brush takes a few seconds so you can use it in the shower also. For the instant solution, you can use Olay Total Effects CC Cream which has benefits of niacinamide which helps to give a natural glow to the skin.

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These are some of the skin ageing problems after pregnancy. Spending some time on the skin can help you to get your pre-pregnancy glow.

Postpartum skin conditions are normal. But take some time from your busy schedule and work on your skin to get your glow back