Unhealthy Lifestyle Impact On Skin Ageing

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our daily lifestyle plays a major role in skin ageing. Before its too late it is important to discover our day to day habits that makes us age faster. There are some habits that cause the premature skin ageing and to avoid this skin ageing problem we have to ditch some habits.

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Cause Of Ageing Skin:

  • Make-up Removal: One of the reason of skin ageing is how we remove the make-up. We often use make-up wipes to remove the make-up and not wash the face after the use of wipes. It don’t remove all the make-up and leave some dirt on your face. Its pushing the make-up back into the pores.  Make-up wipes cause wrinkle if we use it repetitively. Instead of make-up wipes use cleanser to remove the make-up .
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  • Make-up Brushes: Use of dirty make-up brushes can cause skin problems like Acne,  Rashes, Bacterial or Fungal infections. Irritation in skin can leads to premature skin ageing. So cleaning of brush time to time is necessary to avoid  these problems.
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  • Unhealthy Diet: It is obvious that there is a connection between diet and health. Healthy diet can leads to healthy body and skin and unhealthy diet leads to poor health and premature skin ageing with other health disorder.
  • Stress: Stress leads free radical damage which cause skin ageing. Taking too much stress can leads to acne and oily skin which create toxic environment for your skin. Stress increase the stress hormone Cortisol which leads to dull skin and aged complexion.
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  • Smoking: For your skin smoking is the worst habit. It blocks the skin tissues by depleting them of needed oxygen which leads to improper function of skin. For a great skin quitting smoking is necessary and use  oxygenation  to fill  your skin with oxygen to help repair the damage skin.
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Healthy Lifestyle To Keep  Skin  Young:

  • Regular Facial:  To keep your skin healthy and young regular professional facial is necessary. Facial or spa treatment help to fight against visible as well as unseen damages of your skin. It helps in maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion.
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  • Constant In Daily Routine: For a healthy and young skin you should be constant on your skin care routine. Switching up you daily routine can harm to your skin which contribute irritation, faster ageing. For a best result stick to your daily skin care routine.
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  • Exfoliate Skin: For a healthier and young skin exfoliation of skin is must. It removes dead cells of skin and decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and also reduce the appearance of dark circles. Those who have sensitive skin can also exfoliate there skin by selecting gentle and skin strengthening exfoliate.
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  • Detoxify Skin: Detoxification of skin helps to reduce free radical and skin ageing toxin. Detoxification can be done at home or spa. Detoxification clarify skin and remove dirt and impurities from skin and protect it for faster ageing.
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