Benefits of Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss
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Wanna lose weight, but don’t have enough time for a workout or feel lazy? Did you wonder if there is an easy trick that can help to lose weight without cost? Well, it looks like there’s actually an answer to your questions! It’s the popular hot water that you use at home every day. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Read on to know the benefits of drinking hot water for weight loss.

Hot Water For Weight Loss

Although people could have repeatedly told you that you can drink hot water – or more warm water – rapidly shed the pounds, you might wonder how this drink really works. The answers you were looking for here!

  • Hot water promotes metabolism. This is the perfect way to get your body functions slowed down.
  • This breaks up the fat. The water temperature helps mobilize fat molecules so that they can be quickly burned.
  • Hot water suppresses the appetite. Thus one way of using hot water to lose weight is to drink a cup of hot water about 30 minutes before a meal.
  • Hot water curbs you’re craving because it makes you feel full. The next time you’re looking for something and are grappling with an uncontrollable binge urge, have a cup of hot water and keep it 20 minutes long.
  • Finally, body temperature is regulated by hot water. Of course, it hampers the digestive system if the water is too hot (or too cold for that matter). But warm water (up to 50 degrees Celsius) is actually useful for the efficient maintenance of the body’s processes. This leads to the proper digestion of food, nutrient assimilation, and waste disposal.
Benefits of Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss
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Tips To Use Hot Water for Weight Loss 

So now you know what benefits not just your body but your weight loss goals are from drinking warm water! But how are you expected to integrate this habit into your everyday routine? Here are five tips for weight loss using hot water.

  • Get a glass of warm water to start your day. It is the simplest and fastest way for your body to ‘wake up.’
  • For more benefits consider additives such as lemon, mint leaves etc. Particularly for loss of weight half a lemon should be squeezed into a glass of warm water.
  • 20 minutes before a meal, and 30 minutes after a heavy meal, drink warm water. The hot water lowers the consumption of calories to 13% before a meal. The warm water will aid digestion after the food and prevent any digestive issues from being caused by the oily and spices in food.
  • Before bed, drink hot water. This will relax the muscles and make sure you sleep comfortably. Sleep is very important and closely related to the loss of weight.

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Now that we know how drinking hot water accelerates weight loss, let’s look at some other advantages of drinking warm water.

1. Natural Hydrating Agent

Consuming enough water in any form, cold or hot, is one of the most natural ways to keep your body hydrated. To absorb nutrients and eject waste products, each cell in our body requires water. You need to be hydrated with at least 8 drinks of water a day. Hydration helps the kidneys remove waste and contaminants from the body and provides the right basis for carrying out all the biochemical and metabolic processes in the body.

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2. Natural Cleanser And Purifier

The use of hot water successfully helps disinfect the body. Two times daily, a glass of hot water will comfortably help with the problem of poor digestion. Early in the morning drinking a glass of hot water helps to wash contaminants out of the body and clears the system. Taking a glass of hot water on a vacuum every morning improves the bowel movements properly and heals constipation. Hot or warm water eases food particles to break down and moves them into the intestines easily.

3. Anti-aging strategy

Yes, ladies! Rather than invest money on these pricey anti-aging creams, simply drink warm water all day long. Warm water is more powerful than regular or cold water to wash toxins out of the body, leaving you looking healthier!

4. Hot Water – Flavouring

We accept that it can be boring to drink pure warm water in and out day. After all, how long can you consume warm water? Your taste buds may not like hot plain water, so you are advised to add flavors, caffeine, or sugar. Here are a few ways to drink the warm water naturally, so it doesn’t look boring and tastes amazing without harming the body.

In warm water, you can add a few drops of lemon to make it taste good. Another perfect way to spice your warm water glass is by lemongrass. In warm water, Ayurveda believes in adding honey and lime. This not only improves digestion, but it also strengthens the flavor. Any herbs like mint leaves, ginger, or tulsi may also be added. Using any newly sliced fruits also contributes to the flavor. Those who want herbal tea will drink it without adding sugar.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water For Weight Loss
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5. Clear nose and throat

In addition to the inhalation of steam, when you have a cold or cough, it helps drink warm water. It calms the sore throat and helps to decongest the nose. Colds will surprisingly dehydrate the body, and this is often taken into account when consuming warm water.

Precautions When You Drink Hot Water

Now that you know all the advantages of warm water drinking, let us see how carefully you take when improving your healthy lifestyles.

  • Don’t drink hot water too much!
  • Don’t drink water while standing, whether it’s hot, warm, or cold. It can cause stomach cramps and sharp, burning pain in the limbs.
  • Do not use hot tea or coffee to replace your morning hot water cup (even black tea/coffee without sugar). Tea or coffee won’t do what a warm cup of water is going to do to you.
  • Never gulp down water in one go. This would simply allow the body to push it out, without absorbing it in the cell.

Are you conscious that drinking hot water lowers your weight? So, the next time you feel sluggish to visit the gym, you should just boil up some easy drinking water and ingest it as much as you should. Drinking warm water is one of the cheapest ways of making your dream come true. Not just that, there are also other health benefits from daily hot water use! Know, the cures for much of the dreaded ills of the planet exist right in our houses. What we have to do is to know and benefit from their presence!

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