About Us

This space was created for variety of reasons. But it was created foremost for the parents. In the world of Internet, we are typing words and searching queries every minute of the day. Almost every piece of information lies on a screen today. But some questions have to be dealt with our own intuitions. You can’t google those questions because you will not get the answer you need. We have to make some choices based on our own intuition.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t get an idea about them.

It’s not the generation gap that makes a couple think and rethink about being a parent. It is the coming of reasons and practicality that makes us rethink our choices. Raising a child is no easy job. People say humans can never be perfect. Well, then how can one human know how to bring up another human perfectly. There is no space for the word ‘PERFECT’ when it comes to parenting. When you say ‘Perfect’, you are confining parenting with boundaries and set rules. Truth be told, there are no set rules leading you to “Perfection” when it comes to parenting.

Our website provides a platform to women as well. It is becoming more important with changing lifestyle to keep up with your health and mind. You can come here to read about things you want to know or you can be a part of our community and share your views on matters that interest you.

With changing lifestyle, we have to change our views too. We can no longer stay with our kids 24*7 until that is the choice we have made. The time we get with our children is the most precious time. Every day passes and it assures you even more how this time will not return. It is these nurturing years when you can spend your time with them wisely and make the most of it. You have to take every step matching theirs and understand your child before making your own view. Every child is different too. Let them be real.

We make it a point that you don’t feel like the last humans of the world raising another human. It is not wrong to seek advice or views. Momababyetc provides a wide platform for parents to come and share their queries and experiences. Every parent experience different things while raising a child. We are building a community where you will feel connected and it will help you make better choices. You can ask doubts related to almost everything and we will make sure you are answered with utmost accuracy. We have a conscientious team including some meticulous researchers and eminent experts who are available for resolving doubts almost any time of the day.

You don’t just have to know about “what your kid must eat” or “what they must read”. You have to be really present with them. In order to do that, you have to be acquainted with their views and needs too.  We provide a platform where a parent can see what’s going around the world that they really need to know. They can take the tips they need in certain areas. They can follow the recipe to a better way of dealing with things. They can read and make choices of their own. Here, you will know what you must know. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.