Look inside to know about Pregnancy Glow

Look inside to know about Pregnancy Glow
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Celebrating the beauty & wonder of pregnancy & new life will bring a glow to your skin. Pregnancy brings lots of changes in body, skin & mood. Pregnancy glow is a change in the skin at the time of pregnancy.  Many people think that pregnancy glow is a myth, but surprisingly it’s not. It occurs because of hormonal changes. During pregnancy, there is an increase in blood flow circulation, which results in brightening your face. 

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Pregnant but not glowing: Not every woman who is pregnant will experience the Pregnancy Glow.  Every skin is different, so if you are not glowing as much as you hope then don’t worry its normal. For some women change in hormone or increase in oil production leads to acne. Don’t use any products like anti-aging products, retinol and use simple skin sensitive, friendly products during the time of pregnancy.

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Cause of Pregnancy Glow

  • Physiological Changes: At the time of pregnancy, there are many changes occurring in the body like hormonal changes increase in oil production that results in making skin more shiner. Also, some women during pregnancy experienced an increase in happiness which eventually make her more graceful.
  • Blood Flow: Increase in blood flow is another cause of pregnancy glow. It helps in brightening the skin also blood flow helps to support the uterus.
  • Moisture Retention: During pregnancy, skin retains most of the moisture. The excess moisture helps in smoothing the wrinkles, fine line which gives a glow to the skin. For healthy skin, including fatty acid in the diet is essential.
  • Heat Rashes:  During pregnancy, some women feel hotter than normal, not because of changes in hormone, but also because of the extra weight you are carrying to support your baby. This cause heat rash and this results in a glowing effect on your skin.

Start of Pregnancy Glow: 

There is no definite time frame for pregnancy glow. You usually experience this during the change in the body, especially during the second trimester. The pregnancy glow goes away as soon after you give birth. It’s not a permanent change. 

Experiencing other skin effects: 

Acne during pregnancy occurs due to an increase in oil production. This results in not only making your skin look shiny but also blemishing at the same time. 

Washing your face twice a day than usual and avoiding oily skin product during the time of pregnancy help in pregnancy acne. Consult with doctors for the skin-friendly product to use during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Mask is also one the skin effect occurs during pregnancy.  This results in brown spot on your skin caused by hyperpigmentation from increased melanin production in your skin. This effect will go away after the pregnancy when your hormone level drop. Also, wear a sunscreen every day to prevent this as expose to the sunlight makes the spots worse.

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Pregnancy glow is one the changes you experience during pregnancy. Other changes are reduced dry skin, thicker hair, etc. Pregnancy glow is not  a myth & if you don’t experience these changes, then you don’t have to concern or worry about it.



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