Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Postpartum Belly Wrap

Pros & Cons Of Wearing A Postpartum Belly Wrap
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The belly wrap is a common piece of clothing worn by many new mothers. It looks like a belt of fabric worn around or at times throughout the whole torso. A belly wrap’s main purpose is to protect your abdomen after delivery during the delicate time. Often, many women wear a belly wrap to conceal their postpartum belly and at this time feel more mobile and relaxed. Shortly after delivery, you may choose to wear a postpartum belly wrap. If you have had a C-section or a complicated delivery it is best to do this only after talking to your doctor.

Pros of Wearing A Postpartum Belly Wrap

1. It Helps Shape Your Body

It goes without saying that during pregnancy and delivery the body is experiencing IMMENSE transition. Many of us are dealing with loose skin and a hanging belly in the postpartum phase Wearing a belly wrap can help you shape your body and make you feel more comfortable. It could give you a slimming look and help any loose skin. Most experts say you get a soft compression when you wear a belly wrap. This can make it easier for the uterus to return to its normal size. However, since when your belly is supported, you may feel more comfortable and mobile, you are also likely to get more physical activity.

2. Relieve Postpartum Body Pain

The duration of the postpartum is full of body aches! Many women experience back pain, pelvic pain, joint pain and pain/discomfort caused by diastasis recti (abdominal separation). A stomach brace will bring relief from these body pains by helping your abdominal area. In reality, this was the core reason why wraps are not a newfangled concept; even years ago, women used them as pain relief!

3. Support The Pelvic Floor

Many moms go through perineal tearing during childbirth–or a tear in the area between your vagina and anus. In first-time mothers, these tears are more common and can take time to heal. They also cause considerable pain during childbirth in the pelvic region. Wearing a wrap of the belly helps to support the pelvic floor and bring relief from the tear.

4. Benefits For C-Section Moms

It can be particularly useful for women who have had a C-section to wear a post-pregnancy belly band According to experts, it can improve the recovery process by allowing greater mobility, increased blood circulation and abdominal tissue support. Mild but strong pressure on the abdomen can also bring down swelling, minimize surgical discomfort, and alleviate the pulling sensation that many C-section moms feel during movement, coughing, or bending.

Cons of Wearing A Postpartum Belly Wrap

1. May Affect Your Post-Pregnancy Fitness

It is possible to become so reliant on the wrap of the belly and so used to feel it gives the body a shapely appearance that you miss out on real exercise! The belly wrap should not be used as an alternative to good exercise and eating–the only two ways following birth to get back in shape. If you have constant support for a wrap, it might be easier to ignore the excess weight and skip the exercise.

2. Baby May Miss The ‘Snuggly’ Feel

One of the new mother’s most beautiful experiences is her baby’s feeling snuggling up to her chest. If you’ve got a little baby you’re likely to spend a lot of time cuddling her and hugging her to your tummy. You can find your baby’s tummy too’ stiff’ or tight when you wear a belly wrap The baby may miss the snuggly feeling offered by a soft tummy. The best way to balance the time you wear a belly wrap is to wear it for a couple of hours and then go without it when your baby wants to spend some time close to mamma. When you’re the busiest and have physical activity to do, wear the wrap again; you’ll benefit from the support.

3. Be careful with the C-section scar

The aim of a belly wrap is to help the postpartum belly and make it easier to manage body ache. As previously mentioned, it has special benefits for moms who have had a birth in the C-section. However, before wearing a belly wrap, please discuss with your doctor if you have severe pain in your C-section wound/scar or have not healed yet. The C-section wound should be tested first.

Note: If you’ve picked a corset-style wrap or compression dress, be careful that it doesn’t damage your breast area if you have sore nipples or mastitis.

Women used a belly wrap long before our day, and it certainly provides the support and comfort required by a new mother. If you also find it useful, please go ahead and try it after consulting your doctor.

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