Young People Have The Authority To Change The World

Youth Power
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Youth Have The Power To Change The World


India, the world’s youngest nation, will have 64 percent of the working population by 2020, but unfair access to adequate, needed resources will leave 93 percent of the chances of having a high living standard only for urban youth. Youth in rural areas will continue to suffer, and given the rural population, the youngest nation by 2020, it will still face all the inadequacy and the shortcomings it faces now. 

Thus, all the marches, the rallies, the opinions and the polls in which youth participants are asking questions in turn. If each third person is a youth by the current stats, then all the changes we ask to build a better place of living are what we ask ourselves.

Young People Are In Charge Of Building A Better Nation:


The nation is yours all. You want that change, you’re the change. The force that will come in the future will be of your age, but it will remain incapable according to surveys, and more so it is the same today. If you do not opt for step-ups and initiatives to make the nation an equal platform for everyone. It’s high time you took a step forward and worked to make India a nation for everyone. 

Providing them with education is the best and first and foremost way to strengthen our youth. It is not just a type of education that makes them scientific, logical, open-minded, respectful of themselves, accountable, honest and Patriotic. Without developing these virtues, our youth will be unable to walk in the desired way and sleep deeply. The big changes are the effects of each small action:


1. Vote :

The importance of voting is notoriously ignored by young voters, however, their voice on both sides of the island is important. The key questions of each election concern increasingly students and professionals between 18 and 29 years of age, making training in politics and voting vital for members in that age group. Millenniums represented almost 50% of all the voters at the election, but when considering key issues from both candidates, they were further divided into the race, gender, and education. Be part of the growth of your country. The world’s largest democracy is calling for your opinion. Let it be heard!


2. Donate for the education of children:

In the future, the most adversely affected will be the one without access to education. More than half of India’s children are not going to school in the 6-14 age group. Today’s youth are building a technology-filled platform but who will use it if more than half don’t even understand the basics. 


3. Feed the Hungry :

Education and nutrition have long paralyzed the growth of the nation. Most people in India can’t afford even one meal a day. In India, young people will have to take initiatives and take part in campaigns and programs aimed at feeding the poor.


4. Helping senior citizens:

With a large population coming into the youth age bracket, we need a much greater need to respect, help and assist our elderly people in every way we can.


5. Street & Lane cleaning:

The pathetic shouting-out of our streets, full of dirt and litter, calls for clean-up. Enhancement of our citizens will make our country healthy.

Youth is each country’s valuable human resources. Young people make up about 40% of India’s total population. Our country’s youth played an important role during the struggle for freedom. There is a gap between the old and the young generation. They should be guided and use their emergencies to advance the nation. India today is burdened with numerous social, political and economic issues. The youth can come forward to check them out and work for the nation’s improvement. The youth can also provide relief during natural calamities to the afflicted persons. 









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