Confused? What To Opt After 10th?

Career Options after 10

Tips To Select Best Stream After 10th


10th is an important point in an Indian student’s lives. A pupil must identify his / her future at this stage. This is a question that appears before many students which stream to pick after 10th?’. There are three primary streams accessible-Science, Commerce and Arts, which talk about after 10th streams. It is quite normal that at this juncture students get confused. This post will assist you to choose the correct flow. Here I referenced a number of tips and suggestions that allows you to discover the finest stream for you!


You have to wonder why it’s such an important task to select a stream after 10th. Yes, this is a very significant task It is essential because the stream chosen by a pupil will affect to some extent the professional course he/she will follow after finishing 11th and 12th standards And in short, the competent training will define the profession after graduation that he/she can create!

The stream chosen by a student after 10th  can influence a student’s career, directly or indirectly! That’s why it’s a big decision. Before one decides to select a particular stream after 10th, a lot of thinking and research must be done.


Streams to Choose after 10th Class



Commerce is the most popular stream among students after the 10th standard. The reason for such a stream features both names and fame. The most reputed jobs that everyone wants to grab are featured.

Commerce has a wide variety of career options available such as Chartered Accountancy, CFO, Finance Consultant, Financial Planners, Banking Jobs, Actuals, Foreign Trade, Stock Broking, Cost & Works Accountants, Finance Managers, Portfolio Managers, Economists, etc.

Some of its career choices such as Chartered Accountancy or MBA can take a career to an incredible level. Besides having marvelous financial payouts, these positions are highly respectable in society. It is not necessary to combine courses such as Chartered Accountancy with or

After 10th, this is the only stream that can be chosen where you can never feel what we can do now. Even if you don’t follow a professional course, many private or public organizations will also welcome you as an accountant or as a teacher.

Business studies, accountancy, business economics are the core subjects taught in the Commerce stream.



Students who dream of becoming a doctor, engineer, scientist choose science which has many inspiring career choices.

Students who choose science must be clear about their goal before choosing this topic because there are limited career options available. Professions such as Medical, Engineering, and Physicists have an impressive income, but they also require a long term, high investment, and complete commitment.

Medical students will take a long time to study like 8-10 years and besides this, they are not selected for the Govt. To complete their studies, colleges will have to pay high fees.

Engineering students ‘ duration is quite similar to the Commerce stream professional courses, but it is not good for the career to pursue such from a local college. If you really want to be an engineer, choose IIT-JEE, AIEEE, or RPET.


3. ARTS:

The craze for this subject has been reduced with time but you should know that Arts still provides numerous exciting career opportunities such as social works, fashion designers, interior designers, literature, social works, journalism, etc. Although, if you are creative and love innovations, jobs are very limited in such a way, then you can certainly start your own business in a very short span.

The core subjects of the Arts stream are sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, etc.




One has to be realistic when choosing streams after 10th. Adequate attention must be paid to one’s aptitude. If you’re very weak in science subjects (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology), you’re going to have a hard time dealing with science subjects! This is why it is necessary to choose a stream according to one’s aptitude! You can take online and regular aptitude tests to find your “range” and “abilities.”



All right, so you know all about personality, aptitude, and strengths that you need to know. But you won’t be able to find out which of them suits the best without knowing details about the streams (e.g. subjects, difficulty, career paths, etc).

Therefore, it becomes necessary to capture as many details as possible about the streams. Find out about information such as educational boards, main subjects, career paths, scope and level of difficulty. You can sit down, analyze and conclude when both sets of data are ready!



You will be able to understand from a qualified education counselor and to find a stream that is right for you! Make use of them when you have access to good counseling facilities. It also helps your parents get an idea of the entire process. This process must involve both students and their parents.

You can seek assistance from your educators if you have no access to a good educational counselor. Professors understand more about you than your name They may know details about your strengths, personality, and traits through a long time of constant interaction with you. They can direct you further on the basis of this understanding and their teaching history.


They’re saying-‘ do what you love.’ Yes, to follow this is a good policy. This will ensure that we remain happy for the rest of our lives! Sit down, hold your hands on paper and pen. Think of your area of interest now. What’s your passion? Jot it on paper. Naturally, more than one entry could be there. Jot all of them down. After that, shorten the list. Eliminate entries other than those you’re really interested in. Finally, you’re going to have one entry you’re most passionate about.



You must give adequate attention to this point if you are a highly academic student and if building a rewarding career is your primary motive. Analyze each stream and examine associated career prospects. Now there are several streams that give access to various jobs. The key is to learn what the future will be in this area. Is demand going to decrease in the future? Does it make recession highly vulnerable? These questions need to be answered.

So, these are some of the tips to choose better stream by which you can opt your stream for your bright future. Select the stream according to your interest for your better future.

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