Do You Want To Preserve Memories Forever?

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Before you know it, your kids will grow up. Rather than lamenting how time flies, preserve the memories before they fade away. Just like Harry Potter’s Pensieve, which allowed him to relive long gone times, capture the memories of your kids with these fun ideas.

Take a walk down your children’s memory lane by unfolding the experiences you have carefully preserved over time. Children grow up ridiculously fast so that capturing these memories is important in order to revive them later. They’re going to love to see themselves as kids and they’re going to marvel at their moms and dads looking as young as they do now.

There are so many fun and unique ways to preserve your child’s memories. You’re going to want to try to save a mix of different memories: some that you’re going to be able to cherish and some that your child wants when they’re older. Here are 15 ways of saving memories creatively:

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1. Creating a quilt

It is a challenge to find a use for the outgrown clothes of your child-especially at that age when every few months they have a new wardrobe. And yet, despite how fast they grow out of them, you probably have some memorable outfits in your mind that stick out. A special tuxedo dress or baby that they wore to the wedding of your sister. A onesie that was your best friend’s gift. A dinosaur t-shirt in which you loved them, and when they grew out, they were absolutely gutted. Since all outgrown garments may not be stored in an attic, quilting is a great way to keep memories visible & remembered.

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Turning them into a quilt means you can use it for your bed as a throw or as a blanket, so they’ll get cleaned for years to come. It’s an item that you can cherish and you can make more memories, both nice and probably some gross. But let’s be honest, let’s be honest. The time, energy or even the sewing skills to do this are pretty unlikely. 

2. Fill A Shadow Box

Another homemade item to save memories. Shadow boxes are a growing trend that is used for DIY art projects of all kinds. This special frame enables memories to be captured from a certain time in the life of your child. We love these kinds of baby shadow boxes that show a newborn baby’s memories. 

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3. Hand And Footprint Jewelry

Another idea to save newborn memories is to save the prints and footprints of their hands. The timeless way of capturing the parents and newborn bonds is to put those minute hands and feet next to you. You may have seen some variation of this trend, but it’s bound to be one that feels right for you. A common keepsake is to have a clay mold in the hand or footprint of your child, which you can do at home using this simple clay mold recipe. You can also have hand prints or fingerprints transformed into jewelry that you can treasure forever. 

Dads also have plenty of choices with options for cufflinks, wallets, keyrings, leather bracelets, and chains.

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4. A Family Yearbook

Create a family yearbook from the day your little one born. Take a digital camera or even a good phone camera and practice capturing your child’s sights and sounds. The first crawl, the first cry, or the first time he called you mom, you can photograph!

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5. Write A Letter To Your Child

Every Birthday You can consider something very real and emotional rather than something staged. An unusual way to keep your child’s growing memories is to write them a letter every birthday they have from their first birthday all the way to their 18th birthday. Keep them a secret, and when they are old enough to appreciate them, surprise them on a landmark day. It might be their eighteenth or twenty-first birthday or the day they say you’re going to be a grandparent. 

It may come from both parents, or you may write separate ones, or you may just have one. They don’t have to be long, but you might want to say what you were celebrating that day and what they were like and what they got for presents.

Then for the next birthday, you can add any of your feelings. To help capture the memories in full, you can include a photo of the day if you want. It’s interesting not only to your child when they’re 18 but also to you when you’re reading them to see how they’ve changed from birthday to birthday and how you’ve also changed as parents. 

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6. Have a’ Good Time Jar’

Make a note and put it into a jar if something good happens to everyone in your family. It could be as small as finding a fortunate coin or so important as testing. When things don’t go right after many years, reading them will remind you of those good things just lying around the corner. 

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7. Participate In A Professional Photo Shoot

It is really important to take part in a professional photo shoot to capture moments as a family. A professional photographer creates wonderful family photos. Yes, pictures are being shown, but that’s why for years to come they are good for hanging on the wall, so that you can remember those childhood years better than you could now. It could also create funny stories or memories by trying to help your baby. Only seconds after photographing, the baby in this photo could have woke up super-cranky, but that means it’s a lot of more than a pretty photo for this family. 

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8. Make A LOL Album

Save them in a photo book instead of deleting awkward pictures that leave you wondering what went wrong. It makes a barrel of giggles and teaches kids to be able to laugh every once in a while at themselves.

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These are only a few ways to preserve the memories of your child and preserve it for life. You’ll be pleased to have taken the time to record and save precious memories if you look at them for many years, even though your nest is empty. 

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