Taboos In Indian Society

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Taboos In Indian Society


Social taboos have been discussed and criticized for a long time, but still, linger sneakily. Women are usually the worst victims of taboos in economically underdeveloped countries and eastern nations such as India. What’s heartening is how the perspective changes to taboos that have long hindered women’s lives. 

I smile in my head whenever I hear that India is developing. I think how India can grow if there are so many ideas or beliefs trying to pull it back down. We are still struggling with so many taboos, crimes, and injustices that we are far behind any of the countries we want to be like. One thing is being rooted and following your culture, but it’s far beyond ethical to twist cultural tales to make them sound totally different according to your own whims and fancies. I think we all need to come together, the youth and the other generations, to fight our society’s biggest enemies, the taboos. Let’s see what our society’s most common taboos are: 


1. Menstruation:

It’s wrong to talk in public about menstruation, it’s definitely not part of our culture, and people who do it are not well-cultured or rooted. A menstruating girl is unclean and should therefore not be permitted to pray or do other things.

In the midst of increasing awareness of female physiology, including sex education in schools, and the transformation of menstrual cycle perspectives, findings from a recent survey are not too encouraging. Recently conducted research reveals that more than 90 percent of urban women rule out the idea of menstruating hair washing, nearly 70 percent consider it inappropriate for water plants, and a large section in Southern India during this time will not leave home.

Strangely enough, although in various forms, the menstrual taboo prevails in all major religions. This Tabou’s propagators, often belonging to conservative families, bring forth distant mythological connections and religious beliefs. Even in so-called modern India, there is no denial that menstrual tabus are persistent. 

2. Sex:

Speeching about sex in public is bad, it should not be discussed, and it is a crime to do everything that is even remotely sexual, such as masturbating. People will also shy of using birth control pills or preservatives because to go and ask for these things means to have sexual activity.


3. Drinking and smoking:

Drinking or smoking is catastrophic for your health, no matter how much alcohol you consume, you’re going to reach a stage where you’re not going to be able to understand the reality and end up in danger. India is not a Westernized nation, and no, there is no alcohol that can be part of the lifestyle of anyone.

4.  Homosexuality:

Homosexuality is queer, unnatural, challenges nature and homosexual people have some bad influence. They’re all high in something and they don’t know what they are actually doing, they need to be treated.

5. Inter-religion marriage:

One should not marry outside one’s own religion, it only adds to the other religion’s population. Furthermore, we have a preference for certain religions and we do not know exactly what is wrong, but, because we have heard it for ages, it must be wrong really to marry someone else. 


6. Divorce:

Once they are married, people can kill each other fighting, but they should not get divorced because what the world will say about them. The world that knows exactly nothing about what’s happening between the two married people has the right to have an opinion, but it’s not the people concerned.

How Can We Break The Taboos?


Everything that we hate is a natural, normal human thing, and people probably have to know more, so that they can begin to recognize that everything is as natural as breathing.

1.  The more you talk about it the better for you, instead of shying away from the subject. People will know more and begin to think that sex and menstruation happen to most people and that is no bad thing.

2.  Actually trying something before having an opinion on it or trying to understand the point of view of the other person might actually help in digesting the fact that in public gatherings we have moved from juices to coffee to alcohol.

3. No one can decide nature’s laws, even nature doesn’t sometimes, so who are we to give a verdict? Live and let live as long as you choose your sexuality, with whatever others do, you should not have a problem.

4. Gossip, it should be banned as a whole.It only gives rise to larger taboos and misunderstandings, and people are stupid enough not to reason with anything. They buy whatever is sold to them. Try and think about the general trend before you just take on the opinion of someone else.


Tabus is nothing more than an obstacle to our society, it should be eradicated and discarded. It just shows how lazy we were. All because we never tried to ask why hundreds of lives could have changed. We just kept listening and accepting anything that came out. Let’s fight this one together and free the country from non-sensory beliefs shackles. 


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