New Born Baby Care Essential Kit

New Born Baby Care Essential Kit
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Hello, new parents, do you know all the baby care products which are essential for a newborn baby? Fill your shopping cart with all the essential products. Shopping for your newborn baby is fun and knowing what to shop is very important.

From Head to toe, there are various baby products which are very important for a newborn.

1. Hair Care:

  •  Shampoo: Wash your baby hair twice a week with mild and gentle shampoo. Wet their hair and gentle massage there head in circular motion. Rinse with the water and keep there head such that the shampoo doesn’t go to the baby’s eyes. You can use any baby hair shampoo like Johnson’s Baby Naturals Shampoo which is gentle and also best for sensitive skin.

Also, your baby has Cradle Cap which is common in babies. It’s almost like dandruff, then you can treat cradle Cap at home. You can use OLIVE OIL as this is the best natural remedies for cradle cap. It contains Vitamin E which nurture and product from infection in the skin. Massage your baby head with 1 tbsp of olive oil and leave it for overnight. Rinse off olive oil with a mild shampoo for nourished skin.

If your baby’s head is little fuzzy then use a wide-toothed baby-sized comb and soft baby brush for their hair. Use comb for detangling wet hair.

  • Hair Oil: Oiling is good for baby’s hair as it sustains moisture in baby’s hair. Don’t apply too much oil as it clogs the pores and scalp. Massage gently baby’s scalp and hair. It is good for the stimulation for the baby. You can also use baby lotion to massage scalp and hair followed by baby petroleum jelly.

2. Skin Care:

  • Baby Soap/Body wash: Always use Tear-free body wash or soap for a newborn baby. Baby’s skin is sensitive so before purchasing body wash check whether they are tear-free or not. Choose the soap which is mild, moisturizing soap that won’t dry out skin or irritate eyes.  For Body wash or soap, you can use Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash.
  •  Baby Lotion:  Apply lotion after the bath as bathing make your baby skin dry. Gently massage baby lotion all over the body.  Also, you can apply lotion if any area appears dry like ankles, elbows or hands. Don’t experiment with product use only 1 product. Avoid harmful chemicals products and choose mild lotion always.
  • Baby Powder: Use the powder which is talc free. Also, keep baby powder away from baby’s face and genitalia. 

If your baby has diaper rash then use baby petroleum jelly. It provides skin with a protective layer against moist diaper 

3. Diapers: This is one of the important product of baby.

  • Disposable Diapers: Don’t select diaper randomly. Firstly, buy 3 top brands diapers and try each on a baby. The brand which suits more and comfortable then buy that brand for stock. Diapers are very handy and useful for the outdoor visit.
  • Cotton nappies: If your baby has sensitive skin then, cotton nappies are very useful. Stock enough cotton nappies before you toss them in the laundry.
  • Wet Wipes: For cleaning gently and hygienically baby’s bottom wet wipes are best. Wet wipes help to maintain the skin moisture

4Baby Nail Clipper or Scissors: Baby’s nails grow faster so you need to trim them 2-4 times in a month and for a toes nail once every few months. For trimming the nails use baby nail clipper or scissors. Don’t use adult nail clipper which is larger and sharper. Trim their nails when they are sleeping.

These are some of the important products which are essential for your newborn baby.



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