Essentials Of Baby Grooming You Need To Know

Baby Grooming
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Parents, do you know how to groom your new born baby or you still confused doing the simplest task like,  trimming nails, bath etc. Babies are beautiful, but skill they need some grooming. They need grooming for a reason like if their nails are not trimmed, then they might scratch their face.  

Know the ABCs of grooming for the little ones.  Areas that to be groomed of your new born are manicures , gum cleaning , hair trims and ear cleaning.

  • Manicure or Trimming Nails: It is observed that the nails of the new born baby grow faster.  Use baby nail clippers, nail scissors, or a file, carefully to trim the nails of a baby. Trip the nails after giving a bath to the baby as this soft the baby nails and can trip easily.  Best time to trim the nails is when the baby is sleeping. Press the finger pad away to avoid cutting the skin of the infant. Trims nails of a baby 2-4 times in a month and for toe nails once every few months.
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  • Gum Cleaning:  It has 2 stages- Before Teething & After Teething

Before Teething: Clean the gums of baby with finger by warping the finger with wash cloth and swipe it over the gums. Do this twice a day. There is no need to use tooth paste at this early age. Continue this practice even after the start of teething.

After Teething: At this stage use toothpaste to clean the gums. Let the baby chew something as this would be a teething aid.

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Hair Trimming:It depends how many hairs your baby have. During hair trimming take help of others and if there is no one, then cut the hair when the baby is sleeping. First trim the section which requires trimming the most. Hold the section of hair between the finger and trip the hair. Do not pull the hair too much. Concentrate on the stands of hair which is too long. Trim the hair after the baby bath.

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  • Ear Cleaning: Clean the ear of the baby after bath. Gently clear the ear from outside and back with a cotton swab. Do not push cotton swab inside the ear as it can damage the eardrum. It’s not necessary to remove the ear wax as it help in protecting the ear canal from bacteria or dust. If there is a excessive ear wax then consult with the doctor
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Baby care and grooming of baby may be time consuming and require extra efforts,  but it’s just a matter of few years before your little munchkin will be doing all this on their own. You will miss the time when your little one needs you for everything.

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