Know The Concept Of Conception Moons?

Know The Concept Of Conception Moons
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How Conception Moon May Help You Fall Pregnant?


You’ve heard of baby moons being spent together for pregnant women and their partners before their baby arrives, but would you consider going on a conception moon?

This new concept for vacations is intended for couples who want to get away while they are pregnant. (Yeah, it’s basically a vacation for you and your partner to make sure you have lots of uninterrupted sex!) Apparently, conception moons are becoming all the rage with lots of couples planning a vacation dedicated to getting pregnant.

As most couples know, it often takes more than a night of magic to become pregnant. The reasons for long waiting can be many and complicated, up to a year or longer for many couples. But one thing that can hinder conception, from time to time, is something that we all face-stress.


What is the Conception Moon?


A conception moon is a break that you and your partner are dedicating to get pregnant. The idea is to relax, to revive the fire and make conception special.


How do Conception Moons work?


Conception moons work by relaxing and reminding you why you fell in love first and foremost. Stress can inhibit conception as it can affect the part of your brain that regulates your hormones (the hypothalamus).

The hypothalamus is the brain gland that controls the hormones necessary for releasing your eggs. This gland also controls the testosterone levels of your partner.

Not only that, but you may feel less interested in having sex if you or your partner is stressed. Of course, having sex less often will not help your chances of conceiving.

Stress may even be devastating to your menstrual cycle, which may or may not cause you to egg later than usual.


How can we get the most out of our Conception Moon?


Look at how you enjoy relaxing. Ask yourself if you prefer the beach or the countryside, or if it’s more like a city break.

Do not go far or spend much money. You do not need to spend. Just make sure you can unwind with the environment you choose. Then get out of the calendar and plan a break when the most fertile you are likely to be.

Look out for the natural signs of ovulation once you’re away or accurately identify it using tests or charts. In the days before and during ovulation, put those baby-making sexual positions to the test to boost your chances.

If you have other kids, see if a family member can be arranged to take care of them.

Don’t take your stress on vacation with you. Leave at home your mobile phones. If you can’t really get yourself out of touch, take your phone but promise to turn it off after a while.

Lastly, relax. Sleep up, eat good food, and enjoy each other, both in and out of bed.


What if we couldn’t get away?


Try to reduce stress levels at home if you just can’t take a break.

You can do this with the following:

  • Enjoy healthy, good food
  • Get some workout
  • Yoga practice
  • Take time to meditate

In essence, do anything that helps you get a deep breath and some peace.


Make an effort at the same time to spend time with your partner. Try a couple dinner. If you can afford to work together, take a day off. And if you know that you ovulate and can arrange it, consider a night in a hotel nearby.


How conception moons may help couples conceive?


1. They’re stress-free

Vacation is generally time to relax and relatively stress-free. This carefree condition can contribute to stimulating a brain gland that regulates hormones required for egg release and testosterone release in sperm-producing men.

2. You have the opportunity to be close

Taking a break from everyday life can help you find more time to become pregnant.

3. No interruptions

Getting away from your family, friends, and life administrator is a great way to help you and your partner get on with making babies.

4. Spending time with your partner is a great excuse

It can’t be a bad thing to have a massage, get room service and relax with your significant other. Having a moon of conception is a great way to reconnect before becoming parents.

Moreover, having some time off is another great excuse, which can’t be a bad thing. If your conception moon is successful, then you have another vacation to look forward to before the baby arrives –your babymoon! We’re saying that you can enjoy the holidays!

A vacation can be the perfect time to conceive. This time-honored sun, sea and sand formula can be a marvel for your sexual life. You can revitalize your relationship away from home stress and enjoy a good time together as a couple. Such is the call to take a vacation to become pregnant, that some couples will even take a “conception moon”–a holiday scheduled and conception for the most important purpose.


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