Best places for your Babymoon

Best places for your Babymoon
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Ever heard of “Baby-moon”?

If not, let me explain.

Baby-moon is the term given to a short holiday which is almost like a honeymoon but it involves your baby as well.  THE BABY WHICH IS YET TO BE BORN. Baby-moon is a holiday for the parents-to-be before the baby is born. The holiday is not entirely for the couple because, you cannot ignore the fact that your child is being carried with you as well. There lies the difference between honeymoon and baby-moon.

This might be the last holiday you take as a couple before the new member arrives. It is not easy to transition into parenthood but dedicating a good vacation will help you in this crucial period.

And therefore, you have to be pickier for choosing your holiday destination. You cannot always choose some adventurous place if you have that zeal (unless the parents have consulted the doctor for it). You have to think more in the health and comfort perspective.

Allow me to enter here and give you the best choices for every kind of parent to pick from.


  • LISBON, Portugal
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Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. After Athens, Lisbon is the second oldest capital city in Europe.

This place is the most picturesque place to visit. It will give you years of memories to cherish. For a pregnant woman, the weather is perfect here. It is not cold and is not hot. The weather is a perfect warm tone. It allows you to take a walk along the streets and go on strolls of shopping and sightseeing. You can watch the sunset on a romantic boat trip. To travel more local, you can visit the fisherman village of Cascais which is 100% picturesque.

For a more royal experience, make a reservation at the Casa do Alentejo (Alentejo house), a 17th century building in Baixa that once belonged to an elite family in the city.

The traditional style of music here is called – “Fado”. It means destiny in Portuguese. You can even book a Fado and dinner combo which are widely offered here for a soulful evening.


  • SANTA BARBARA, California
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California has a lot to offer for travelling around. Santa Barbara is also known as the American Riviera which is a coastal city. It lies about two hours to the north of Los Angeles in Southern California.

A once-industrial area which was referred as the “Funk zone” has now transformed into a very walk-able neighborhood which is flowing with art galleries and about 20 boutique wine tasting rooms. This will give you a taste of the local.

The beautiful paths in Santa Barbara botanic gardens contain unsurpassed beauty. The Refugio state beach offers amazing shallow water for swimming and also for soft sand sunbathing. The ultimate pleasure lies in SALT CAVE which are Santa Barbara’s underground Himalayan salt caves. You can pick any pleasure including salt scrubs. Hot stone massages or salt massages.


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The Bahamas is the site of Columbus’ first landfall in the New world in the year 1492. How exciting is that? And to top that, the culture of Bahamas is rich with beliefs, traditions, folklore and legends.

Cool water is a great equalizer for mamas-to-be. You can float on freshwater pools or simply bob on the gentle waves off the white-sand cable beach. More adventurous couples can always go a step ahead and try a hand on Kayaking or can try sailing too (with doctor’s permission always).

It’s not just about sun and swim. You must visit places like Fort Charlotte which is rich in history. There are various museums, galleries and national parks to stroll around.


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Amalfi coast is the destination for love. The food is all about freshness here for the mom-to-be. All you need is your comfortable shoes and flowing to stroll around the beauty here.

You cannot afford to miss visiting Capri and Pompeii which are near to Amalfi coast. Capri is also the home to much famous Blue Grotto. You can rent a boat to visit here during the day time and can even stay in these places for the night.

There is plenty of fresh sea food here for the sea food lovers. There is no limit to what you can explore here. It is one stop destination for all the travelling you needed before you get busy with life. You can enjoy hillsides covered in lemon trees and umbrella pines and not to mention click memories for life.


  • PARIS, France
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Do I have to tell anything after the name – “Paris”?

We all know the romance of Paris and how no one is left from falling in love with this place. But there’s nothing better than Paris in spring.

Paris has the best streets. It offers variety of food which will make you wonder why aren’t you a citizen here. The hot chocolate at Angelina’s or French Macaroon cooking class, you cannot get enough of food here.

When you enter the Palais Garnier, you might get struck by the beauty so take a deep breath, Its real! It is the Paris Opera house which is breathtakingly grand. I cannot emphasize on the number of museums and galleries here. It is the city of art after all. I don’t have to mention it but do not miss to click a cheesy romantic picture in front of the Eiffel tower.


Just try to make this trip very relaxing. It is a getaway before your life takes another huge turn. Do things that you will cherish as a couple. Make good food choices while travelling. Pack as easy clothes as possible to make it a comfortable trip. Take naps and exercise when you get the time. Make an easy trip and get the best out of it.

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