Stress Solutions For Pregnant Moms


Pregnancy is a new journey for a couple. Pregnancy brings some changes in body, emotions and also in life of a family.  These changes are welcome by everyone but at the same time it bring stress to the women which is common. But too much of stress can be uncomfortable and if it’s for a long time then it leads to a health problem. Too much stress increases the chances of pre-mature baby.

Cause of stress during pregnancy:


  • Backache, Being tired, constipation can lead to stress.
  • Hormonal change and mood swings bring stress to a pregnant lady.
  • Pregnant women who have job responsibilities too also bring stress.
  • Worry about labour and birth of child responsibility
  • Discomfort felt by body or mind.

It is impossible for women to stress free during the period of pregnancy. High level of stress is problematic and effort should be taken to reduce the same. Some women reduce the stress by smoking, alcohol consumption & drugs, which lead to problem in pregnancy.


Problem in pregnancy due to stress

Stress is common during pregnancy and can be deal with that. But dealing with serious stress can be difficult and can’t be ignore. Serious stress can be:

  • Death, serious illness, losing job or home can lead to stress which has to deal with for the heath of a mother and unborn child.
  • Some stress are long lasting like financial problem, depression, being abuse, serious health problem, depression which should be avoided.
  • Women sometimes worry about miscarriage, becoming a parent, baby health, child birth and labour, which can be very stress full for a pregnant women.

Tips to reduce pregnancy stress

  • If you fell stressed talk with your partner, friend or medical adviser and figured out what’s make you stressed.
  • Stress because of discomfort is temporary, so ask your consultant about how to handle these comfort.
  • Give time to your relationship and talk about your fear or concern with your husband.
  • Do fun activities to that reduce stress and be always happy to get relax.
  • Eating healthy food, staying healthy, doing regular exercise and sufficient sleep help to reduce the stress level and also reduce discomfort.
  • Don’t do the activities which you don’t like at the time of pregnancy.
  • Take help and support with your partner or friends for any household work or for any other place visit.
  • Do the activities that make you relax like yoga or meditation
  • Always do breathing and relaxing technique for get stress free
  • If you feel depressed talk to medical adviser and seek help to deal with the depression.