Priyanka Chopra – The Global Icon

Priyanka Chopra

Today’s women are not only doing household work but also they are running business, countries. They inspire us in many ways. One woman can inspire to other women to do a best in their life. One of the best examples of a woman who inspire all the women globally is Priyanka Chopra Jones- The Global Icon. She has come a long way to become a global icon. In every step of her life she is a game changer. From a Desi girl of India to global icon Priyanka chopra reinvented her stardom. She is the 1st Indian to make an impact in Hollywood. Also she is the highest paid superstar. She regular feature in almost all the iconic talk shows and featured with powerful women in the world.

There is no doubt that she has become the first global icon with 4 Madame Tussaud statues. Her talent and hard work makes her today the global icon. From winning Miss World in 2000 to Global icon she has come a long way. She worked almost all the big personalities in entertainment industry. Her image show no-nonsense, honest, strong side of her. She is not afraid to show the bold side of her.

She always give a powerful messages through her quotes to inspire everyone specially women. She always believes women should be financial independent weather they use it or not. She said it in an interview that –

  “Financially Independent gives you the ability to protect yourself   when life happen, to stand on your feet and say alright  I can do something about it without being helpless.”                                                                                                                          

She always inspire women to stand tall with winning smile in their face, independent, have some purpose or aim in life and a passion to fulfill that aim. She admires Michelle Obama.  For her she is inspirational, cool and at the same time real. Also she breaks the stereotype placed on women as she believes in women should be smart and tough and at the same time not to lose your femininity.

She never afraid to make mistake and believes in learn from your mistake. Her thirst to learn each and everything about her profession  helps her to gain so much popularity.

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