Pros And Cons Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Pros And Cons Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy
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Once a woman is pregnant, advice, and suggestions from both sides flood in. They may include medications, natural remedies, and treatments that may be used in experimental or alternative therapies. Also, acupuncture is one of those that may cause many mothers to lift their eyebrows as it requires sticking needles into the body. However, it’s a lot more. Continue reading for the pros and cons of acupuncture during pregnancy.

What is Acupuncture?

Passed on from the conventional methods of healing that originated several centuries ago in China, acupuncture operates on the concept of restoring the flow of energy back into the body. The therapy aims to identify the barriers to the transfer of energy through the body and to overcome them. This is achieved using needles that are as thin as a feather. They are drilled into the skin at certain locations and are called essential in restoring energy balance and giving tremendous relief.

How Acupuncture Help During Pregnancy?

Here are some advantages of acupuncture in different trimesters for pregnant women.

First Trimester

The primary aim of acupuncture is to prepare the body for pregnancy within the first trimester. This stresses full wellbeing that allows you and the baby to build a good support network. The needles are inserted in the body’s areas which are known to improve pregnancy, decrease the risk of failure, and allow mothers to step forward from exhaustion and constant nausea.

Second Trimester

Acupuncture begins to play a reactive role in the second trimester of pregnancy. It starts helping to alleviate any issues like back and pelvic pain, frequent headaches or even depression. Hormonal equilibrium will also be important to control digestive function, to correct moods, and to promote stable endocrine development, which will also help the baby.

Third Trimester

The methods for acupuncture as laid out in the third trimester should be outlined in order to ensure that the labor is set up at the correct moment. Early labor is only initiated if you have at least 39 to 40 weeks of pregnancy and no pregnancy-related complications.

Benefits Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Many women are associated with acupuncture to alleviate a number of complications in pregnancy including heartburn, leg swelling, constipation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

Here are some of the symptoms of pregnancy that doctors have identified through acupuncture:

Pros And Cons Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

1. Morning Sickness

Some research has shown that conventional acupuncture aimed at the wrist can alleviate morning sickness and vomiting, although other studies have no effect.

2. Lower Back And Pelvic Pain

Studies in the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal have indicated that acupuncture can relieve pressure on the lower back and pelvic pressure. And a Cochrane review for 2015 found that acupuncture improved pelvic pain more than ordinary prenatal care for low back / pelvic pain in pregnancy.

3. Depression

Depression is common during pregnancy, affecting almost one in four women — but a targeted form of acupuncture can help. A 2010 research conducted in Obstetrics & Gynecology provided general acupuncture, depression-specific acupuncture, or massage in an eight-week clinically-depressed pregnant woman who did not previously take antidepressants. The severity of the symptoms of depression decreased most among women receiving acupuncture for depression. In comparison with 44% in the general acupuncture and massage groups, 63% of women who receive depression-specific acupuncture responded.

4. Sleep Problems

Getting to sleep and staying asleep is more difficult than ever before during pregnancy — but some research has shown that women who receive acupuncture also have better sleep during pregnancy.

5. Headaches

Research has shown acupuncture can reduce headaches caused by pregnancy; women who have received acupuncture also have used fewer medicines.

Side Effects of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

  • When certain points are activated, acupuncture helps to activate certain functions in the body. Occasionally, these problems can also lead to pelvic contractions, which can lead to premature delivery or miscarriage.
  • Approximately 20 minutes’ short acupuncture sessions are great. Extended sessions can place an undue burden on your body.
  • Acupuncture is also a well-known tool for helping delayed deliveries as it induces labor. We must, therefore, be careful not to stimulate these points accidentally.
  • An untrained or amateur acupuncturist with no knowledge of pregnant women can activate the wrong points.
  • The needles may cause accidents or infections if the acupuncturist is not a professional.

Pros And Cons Of Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Tips for Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Keep these following guidelines in mind when considering acupuncture during pregnancy.

1. Consult With The Doctor For Acupuncture

Get advice from your doctor before proceeding with any kind of treatment or therapy that does not fall under the usual medication procedures. Your doctor’s views may differ on the basis of their previous experience of dealing with patients. If so, he may even ask you to take certain precautions before you choose treatment, as you may or may not have certain medications or pregnancy-related complications.

2. Choose Acupuncturist Carefully

Pregnancy acupuncture points are highly sensitive and must be properly stimulated. It is, therefore, necessary to choose an acupuncturist with the right license and extensive experience, especially in the field of treatment for women who are pregnant.

3. Careful For Signs Of Trouble

It is understood that acupuncture helps to trigger labor for delayed pregnancies. If this is not the intention of your therapy, be mindful of how you feel about the therapy. When you have any feelings associated with contraction in the uterus or any feelings that cause you to feel discomfort, immediately stop therapy, and call your doctor.

4. Consider Cost

A single session can not be limited to an acupuncture treatment. Based on what you plan to do through therapy, it may include a variety of sessions. Despite you being informed of the cost of medication per session. It’s also a good time to check whether your health insurance includes the treatment to allow you to choose this option.

Acupuncture is quite a different treatment, which takes time to be completely accepted. By understanding and working with a specialist who knows which acupuncture is avoidable during pregnancy, you will work your way to obtain enormous relief and delivery during pregnancy.

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