Sonogram Nails – The New Pregnancy Trend

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Sonogram Nails – The New Pregnancy Trend

We sure look forward to changing our pregnancy wardrobe. Some may even change their beauty routine. But seems like there is no shortage of beauty routine or trends either.

What’s the latest you ask?


Yes, you heard that right. They exist and they’re just as cute as the little nugget growing inside.

Just when you thought you have seen every possible nail trend, a new one arrives. Mothers-to-be are celebrating their pregnancy by drawing or having their sonograms actually printed on their nails.

It may sound bizarre to many but to get a photo of an ultrasound painted on your finger nails can be the perfect accessory for baby showers or gender reveal parties. Many women are opting for it to celebrate their bundle of joys.

The trend first started to take off in October 2018 and now everyone wants to show off their baby nails.

A beautician Sarah Clarke from County Durham created an unexpected trend after she turned her clients’ ultrasound image into a nail art. After Sarah posted an image of the new manicure online, it went completely viral. More than 45,000 people shared the photo.

Sarah’s salon is now showered with requests for this kind of manicure.


Many women who have lost their babies during the pregnancy are also getting their nails done with an ultrasound image so they could have it as a memory. One woman bravely wrote about her miscarriage on Instagram, stating, “I lost all inspiration as I struggled with the grief. I learned how to love him and his brief life and move forward with renewed hope. I love you jelly bean, and seeing you on my nails makes me smile.”


However, every trend comes out with a mixed response and so is this. Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Some people couldn’t hide their disapproval. Although, the majority of the people loved it and praised Sarah for her creativity. There were others who couldn’t digest this trend. Well, what can we say? Different people, different opinions and its fair enough too.


Scroll down below to see the photos and tell us what you think in the comments.

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So… surprise! Been MIA for awhile because of first trimester morning sickness. I have really strong nausea associations (that last for sometimes years afterward) with basically any hobbies I pursue (or look at, or think about) while I'm slogging through that awful part of pregnancy. So, when morning sickness hit earlier than I expected this time around, I had to immediately drop everything and move into survival mode so that I would have some hope of resuming the things I love once the sickness passed. Did my first nails and played my first board games last week, so I'm testing the waters again! For now, please enjoy these ultrasound nails ❤️ while I work my way back into the game … #geekniche #idomyownnails #shortnails #nails #nailsofinstagram #freehandmani #freehandmanicuredesign #shortnailart #geeknails #boardgames #bggcommunity #womeningaming #tinyart #micropainting #ultrasound #ultrasounds #baby #babyfashion #pregnantfashion #pregnant #boardgamegirl #ultrasoundnails #babynails #babyscan

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1+1=4 ?? Som flera av er säkert redan har misstänkt så ligger det en liten bebis i min mage. Inte bara en har vi fått reda på, utan TVÅ! ? Vi väntar tvillingar!! ????? Jag vet inte än hur länge min kropp kommer orka jobba, men jag är beräknad 21 december (tvillingar kommer ofta runt 1 månad för tidigt). Första steget är att jag inte längre regelbundet kommer att jobba till 20-23 på kvällarna, utan se till att hålla mig (så gott det går) runt 18.00 när jag egentligen ska vara klar för dagen. Detta kommer göra att möjligheten till sena eftermiddagstider kommer att minska. Så småningom kommer jag med största sannolikhet även att behöva minska med någon dag i veckan, så se till att vara ute i god tid för att få en tid som passar! Så länge jag och bebisarna mår bra och så länge kroppen orkar så kommer jag att jobba på, men hälsan och våra barn går i första hand, så om kroppen säger stopp så måste jag lyssna. Det gör att ju längre fram i höst vi kommer, desto större är risken att jag kan behöva boka om eller avboka helt. Hoppas på eran förståelse! ?

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