Pregnancy Tips During Monsoon

Tips for pregnant women during monsoon
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          Pregnancy Tips During Monsoon

The allure of the monsoons is what causes any person to step out and enjoy the first rains in all their glory. As a pregnant woman, it can be the dream to lie on your armchair, sip on some hot soup while reading your favorite book and listen to the rain rage outside. Monsoons, along with the rains, bring with them a ton of other aspects that make monsoon care for moms-to-be an essential thing to remember.

Monsoon can be an unpleasant season during pregnancy. But you can still enjoy this season with additional care and following some significant tips as described below.

Pregnancy Tips During Monsoon to Stay Healthy

1. Clothes:

Monsoon is a sweating season and if you’re on the correct track, your outfit can make you more comfortable. It’s also essential to offer your big tummy complete comfort. It would be better to wear loose and lightweight clothes. You should always attempt during monsoons to prevent synthetic clothes. Synthetic clothing can cause rashes on your soft and beautiful skin.

Always remember that tight clothes can stop your child’s growth. You should wear loose and comfortable clothes at all times. You should also attempt to stop slippery, harmful shoes. Buy from the market comfortable, more supportive shoes. Keep an additional outfit and pair of shoes in your office if you’re a working woman. This way, even during the monsoon season, you can enjoy pregnancy.


2. Hygiene:

You should bathe twice a day at least. Wipe your face off after regular intervals of time with a wet towel. For this purpose, you can also use moist convenient tissue paper. Use rose water to clean your face.

Even in your own garden, you should not walk barefoot. A mixture of water and soil can lead to a severe skin infection. Also, open water can be hazardous to you as it includes several litters in it. You should also safeguard yourself in the road against manholes and open spaces.

Wash your hands correctly after an outdoor journey with hot water and medicated soap. Stomach infections are also very prevalent due to waterborne diseases. Make sure that you always consume clean, germ-free water.

You should also frequently cut and trim your nails. All food items should be adequately covered. Contagious diseases during the monsoon season are also very prevalent. You should attempt to avoid viral infections and swine flu. For you and your child, it can be hazardous.


3. Food and Drink:

Dehydration in the monsoon season is also a prevalent issue during pregnancy. In the monsoon season, you should drink plenty of water. The proper fluid keeps you hydrated as well as significantly reducing your stress level. You should consult your doctor instantly if you suffer from fainting, dizziness, headache or other heat stress. Fluids alone are sometimes not enough to treat heat stress. Together with liquid, you will need to eat the required supplements. You should also attempt to prevent food that is detrimental to your health on the roadside.


4. Keep your home clean:

Keeping your home clean during pregnancy is a very difficult job. Your house should always be free of germs and dirt. Germs can cause severe infections of the skin or belly. For a full time, you should also hold your windows open. Check the coolers regularly to protect yourself against dengue or malaria. You can use pest controls to create a clean and germ-free atmosphere. They are accessible on the market readily or you can use kerosene to kill germs as well.


5. Avoid outside food:

All those previous times when you’d step out on some nice street food with your friends need to take a strict backseat when you’re pregnant. We all had issues with the stomach, at least after eating street food. In addition to unhygienic circumstances and uncertainty of the water sources used in these food products, consuming highly spicy street food with all the chemicals can be detrimental to you and the child. Even any fruit that is cut and kept for sale can be a multi-disease housing project, especially during monsoons. Satiate your cravings by using safe water to make chaat at home.

6. Mosquitoes are Your Worst Enemies

There are few people in this world who are lucky to stay at a mosquito-free home. Most of us must be at war when mosquitoes enter our homes en masse, especially in monsoon. The first line of defense is to use a mosquito repellent, but do not shy away from using a liquidator as well. It can help you get a good night’s sleep by using nets over your beds. Keep watching places around your home and surroundings where stagnant water pools may remain. These mosquito breeding grounds should be cared for or avoided as much as possible.

Everyone looks forward to the monsoons and wants to fully enjoy them. Being pregnant may introduce some restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the weather. Keeping in mind a few monsoon pregnancy tips can make sure you stay safe at all times and enjoy the weather and beautiful rains inside you with your little one.

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