Know Which Toys Are Best For 6-9 Month Old Baby


Although the development of a baby is amazing in all ages and phases, six to nine months old might just be one of the best.

The marathon feeding sessions and the seemingly endless stream of those first few months ‘ dirty diapers are gone. The fog of those early newborn days has lifted and there is an alert and curious little baby in his place who loves to smile, babble and, above all, play!

It’s important to play with your child at any age, but especially as your baby moves from a small newborn to a slightly older baby. Babies love nothing more than interacting with the world around them around this age— it’s how they learn, reach milestones, and develop their senses. Playing with them is not only fun but also good for building both physical and cognitive abilities and social and emotional intelligence.

There are so many developmental leaps between six and nine months to look forward to. According to the CDC, here are some of the milestones for keeping an eye out and how to incorporate play along the way.

Development of your baby between 6 to 9 months

The period between 6 to 9 months is a time when your little one grows and develops rapidly, both physically and mentally. They will be able to sit constantly at this stage without support for long periods of time, start recognizing objects and remembering them when they are not around.

to 9-month-old Infant Toys

Toys can be used to stimulate and develop the baby’s brain, so finding the right selection of interactive toys is important and will keep the baby interested and busy at all times. Here are a couple of toys that are going to help the baby develop and have a great time.

1. Educational Toys:

In developing the child’s sensory and gross motor skills, educational toys such as busy boards and interactive books will help. In the interactive books, children can push different buttons, open doors and flip up flaps.

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2.  Soft Toys

Children of this age often have a favorite doll or a soft toy. This helps to develop sensory skills and the baby’s sense of attachment. Just like dolls, stuffed toys will also help build sense of attachment to others and responsibility, and the baby will want the stuffed toy always at his side. Perhaps your baby would like to play the doll, take her up and even sleep alongside the doll. This is also a sign of socio-emotional growth.

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3. Wooden Toys 

Wooden toys like colorful shapes and puzzles will help the child begin to associate with different shapes, colors, and sizes and develop their differentiation skills. Your baby will be able to play the toys by separating wood block sizes, shapes, and colors, or by simply matching the blocks. 

Block toys help develop skills such as coordination of the hand-eye, sensory abilities, and grasping abilities. Your child will try in the right hole to fit the blocks together. This will help her develop the dexterity of her finger and hand.

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4. Push Toys

Push – toys help to improve coordination of the hand-eye and babies sensory skills.  As the baby starts moving around, the baby will be more interested in push toys that can easily push them around.

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5. Electronic Learning Toy

If you’re looking for an 8month – old baby’s toys, then electronic learning toys are perfect. Such toys help develop the baby’s sensory skills and help keep the child absorbed, helping to increase focus and concentration. Babies can just press various buttons to play sounds or videos, such as rhymes, jingles, and cartoons, or tap on the touchpads.

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6. Items of Household

Household items make perfect toys for children regardless of age. Whatever the household items, like plastic bowls, cups, tumblers, and wooden spoons, entertain your child.  Be it for the 7-month-old baby or a baby who is older than that. It will help your child to develop grip, sensory abilities, sensual skills, and finger-hand dexterity. The child can simply bang and push the items against each other, or try to arrange them in order and get entertained while doing so.

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Other Benefits Playing with These Toys

Besides developing different life skills while playing with different toys, when playing with toys, children also learn the following skills:

  • Better organize their belongings.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for what belongs to them and manage the available space better.
  • They learn to recognize and differentiate between different colors, shapes, and sizes from an intellectual point of view.
  • While listening to musical toys, children develop language skills.
  • Playing with toys also helps to improve their concentration as they focus for long periods on a particular object.
Parents should be careful not to leave the baby unattended while playing as the baby could be too engrossed with the toys and not be aware of the potential dangers in the environment.

Playing with toys is a critical part of the upbringing of any child.  And a good mix of toys can help to develop  life skills. Be sure to keep in mind the age and interests of the child when shopping for them.  And have an addition to the toy room that contributes to educational recreation hours.

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