Looking For Games That Boost Kids IQ?

Looking For Games That Boost Kids IQ
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In this digital age, kids nowadays spending more time on gadgets. Also, they watch some cartoons for entertainment. Their screen time is increasing day by day and they are not doing anything productive. 

What these cartoons and gadgets are going to teach them? Nothing. Keep your kids distracted from this and take some steps to develop their brain. There are various activities which help you to keep them away from the screen and boost their IQ level, which is also interesting as well as entertaining. Encourage your child to play educational games which make them smart, intelligent and responsible.

Games that can boost kids IQ:

Block Game: In this game, the child invents and build anything without any direction. It’s up to child creativity what he wants to build. They get excited about to build something themselves. This game helps to increase spatial skills. This game is all about imagination. Apart from boosting the IQ this game also helps in the bosting motor skill of the child.

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  • Scrabble Game: Scrabble game is the most famous word game which has many advantages. This game is based on the spelling. It helps to improve vocabulary and also helps in learning to spell. This game, nurturing memory skill and force them to use their creativity. It also enhances mathematical skills as each letter in the game has some point value and after every word, the player has to use maths. 
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  • Cryptogram: This game enhances your kid IQ if they start playing this game at an early age. In this game they have to solve letter, words, guessing again and again and identify cryptogram words with the pattern. It helps in boosting vocabulary skill, learning new spellings and words. It also boosts emotional intelligence as well as problem-solving skills. 
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  • Chess: Chess develops decision-making skills. By playing chess from a younger age helps the child to boost their thinking skills, visualizing future possibilities, brain power, verbal skills, emotional intelligence, reading skills, and critical thinking skills. It also helps in analyzing action and its consequences, enhance mathematical and science skills. To boost the concentration level, playing chess is beneficial.
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  • Video Games: For the stimulation of brain video game is best. Provide them the games which force them to think quickly. It is most efficient brain activity as when your kid is playing they become more proficient at the game. It also helps in improving cognitive abilities, enable problem-solving skills, boost creativity and enhance memory. But make sure you monitor their gaming time. 
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Parents, ask an open-ended question to your child by asking their choice of game. Don’t pressurize them to play the game that you want them to play. Also, don’t interrupt them by giving anything new when they are in their own fantasy of playing. Let them make mistakes. Praise them always but don’t overpraise them.

Parents, always compliment your child and always give them a chance to improve. Ask them questions about the game and observe how your child is improving.


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