Know What Ms. Malini Has to Say About Dreams

Ms. Malini Has to Say About Dreams
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Working toward your dream is never too late, says Malini Agarwal AKA Miss Malini

Malini Agarwal, or, as we know it, Miss Malini, is one of the most influential women in Indian media and is one behind India’s biggest and most popular entertainment

She spoke about her career trip, her challenges, and how she learned that”the path that nobody else was on  really is conceivable.”

To decide to pursue a career in an area that was not explored at the time, she says,

“It was frightening— if you don’t know where you are going when it is an unconventional path. There is no set agenda or trajectory where you can be sure. Blogging and influencing entertainment was a brand new industry that did not exist at the time — I’m proud to know that we started an industry when I look back. At the very beginning of it, we were there. It was also exciting to venture into this new space at the same time. There were no set formula or rules for blogging as it was new, so there was so much more room for creative exploration.

The Challenges she faced, she says,

“Trying to get good writers on board was a challenge when I tried to develop my team. Second, the digital landscape, especially in entertainment, was not given that much respect at first. We really had to teach everyone from the consumer to Bollywood, brands, blogging value and influences ‘ significance. This was one of my most important challenges. My support system came in the form of the people who consumed the blog other than having a solid group of friends. They were the ones that made this possible. Having such support speaks volumes for me.

On receiving the best advice ever, she says,

Somebody let me know once, that don’t wish time away. The abundance of time is the most profitable money on the planet. Appreciate each minute.”

On learning the biggest lesson, she says,

“I believe that the most important lesson have learned is that path that no one else has been on is really possible.   For me, this was the most important learning.”

To millennials who want to follow their passion, like her, she says,

“There is a wonderful Japanese concept known as Ikigai — it is by answering those four questions that you find your true goal. Answer them with and at the center with the things you’re passionate about. You’re going to find your real calling. Remember, passion isn’t just something you need to blanket love every day; it’s something you love even when it’s hard to do. Starting working towards your dream is never too late.


For her -Diversity is key 

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