33 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

33 weeks pregnant: what to expect
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       33 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

You 33 weeks pregnant; the baby is almost on its way and there are only a few more weeks of struggle in your body with diets, medical appointments, and unpleasant changes. The third quarter is a time to prepare for the baby’s delivery that will soon be upon you.

Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 33

This is the final stage of the development of your baby. His organs, bones, and muscles are fully formed, and he will be ready with a couple of’ finishing touches.’ Any remaining hair and nails have now fully formed. Your placenta still gives your baby its nutrients and oxygen, but by drinking the amniotic fluid, this does not stop him from exercising his breathing abilities.

His brain develops more quickly than ever before, creating more and more neuronal connections. Your baby has the ability to tell the difference between day and night, synchronizing with your own sleep-wake cycle. His immunity, with protective antibodies from his blood via the placenta, is stronger than ever.

What is the Baby’s Size?

The size of the baby should be about the size of a watermelon at 33 weeks pregnant, measuring over 42 cm from top to toe. With more than 2 kg of weight, your bones strong while your skin is full of baby fat with the exception of the skull, which remains pliable so it can move safely through the birth channel. There are fewer kicks than usual with the lack of space in the uterus but you should still feel him tumbling about.

33-week Symptoms of Pregnancy

In one word, 33 weeks of pregnant symptoms? Discomfort! This is what this week’s you probably felt.

  • Increased Metabolism Rate: Your body will start overheating as it tries to keep up with your growing demands for energy. Warm skin is the only side effect, sooner or later it will pass.
  • Headache:  33 weeks of hormone fluctuations can cause headaches. That’s how stress or dehydration can be, so try taking it easily and drinking plenty of water. The sacrifice is worth a few extra trips to the ladies ‘ room.
  • Shortness Of Breaths: You can’t fully catch your breath at this time (especially if you are pregnant with twins for 33 weeks). Imagine what a relief it will be if the baby “drops” and releases some room around your lungs. This happens at different times for different moms-to-be, but chances are, it could be very soon.
  • Forgetfulness and clumsiness: This is the unexpected phenomenon called the “baby brain,” which may be lower because of your physiological changes and more because of stress and anxiety in expectation of a baby in less than two months.

33 weeks pregnant belly

You can get about 22 to 28 lbs in total for 33 weeks of pregnancy—32 to 42 lbs for 33 weeks of twins. Having certain extra curves makes them feel sexy for some moms-to-be. You can continue to enjoy it right through to delivery day while your doctor has said sex is OK while you are pregnant.

If you sometimes feel your belly tightening, you probably have contractions with Braxton Hicks. Here’s how you know: after sex or exercise, Braxton Hicks aren’t painful.

They’re different from regular contractions because when you switch positions they stop. Real contractions continue and mean actual labor— there would be at least five in an hour. Oh, yeah! And it’s still early, so it would be considered preterm labor at this point to have real contractions. Certain complications and conditions, such as having excess amniotic fluid, being dehydrated, or being pregnant with twins for 33 weeks, make you more likely to enter labor early.

Cramping like you would have with a period at 33 weeks of pregnancy could be a sign of premature labor. So can bleeding from the vagina, unusual discharge, or leakage. Pressure in your pelvis may also be a sign at 33 weeks of pregnancy. Pay attention to these symptoms. If you are worried about anything, empty your bladder, lie on your left side, drink water and immediately call your OB.

33 Weeks Ultrasound

If you had an ultrasound pregnant for 33 weeks, you would see the baby keeping his or her eyes open while awake. Baby is also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing — an important “outside” life skill. Hardens the bones of your 33-week fetus. And the baby is undergoing (more) major development of the brain.

As part of a biophysical profile (BPP), 33 weeks of pregnant ultrasound may be performed. This test is done for high-risk patients in the third trimester (so if you’re pregnant with twins for 33 weeks, you might get them all that often) and for women who go past their due dates after 40 weeks. The ultrasound measures the movement, breathing, muscle tone and amniotic fluid of your 33 weeks of a fetus. The other part of the BPP— the stress test — will measure how babies change their heart rate when they move or have contractions.

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