32 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

32 weeks pregnant: What to expect
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        32 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

The closer you get the more excited you’re going to be to your due date. You’re not there yet, though. With almost two months to go, there are a few things you can do to keep you up – to – date on the changes you’ll experience in your 32 weeks pregnant.

Baby’s Growth During Pregnancy – Week 32

Week 32 will bring many new experiences with it. First, instead of his usual bouncing around, your baby will tap and wriggle. This is largely due to your uterus ‘ lack of space as your little one gets pretty big. In preparation for birth, prepare yourself for the drop your fetus will take in your pelvis. Occasionally, the baby may be upside down, known as the breech position. But he will return to normal before birth in most cases. The growth rate is so high now. Between now and delivery your fetus will put on about fifty percent of its weight. Nails, hair, and skin are nearly identical to a newborn. Lung growth is complete and it is highly possible for you to survive if you have a premature birth at this point.

What is the Baby’s Size?

The baby’s size is now a heavy 2 kg and about 35 cm from head to foot at 32 weeks pregnant. He can’t really move around much when he crowds your uterus, but now it’s just a matter of time until he’s got all the space in the world. By now, the baby is fully formed, looking almost exactly like a younger baby.

32-week Symptoms of Pregnancy

The intensity builds in the department of symptoms as heartburn and contractions tend to become more noticeable around week 32 of pregnancy. But we guess you’re so excited about the imminent arrival of baby, these 32 weeks of pregnant symptoms don’t slow you down — at least not too much.

  • More Braxton Hicks contractions. Those “contractions in practice” are likely to become more frequent and more powerful. (It could be confused with 32 weeks of pregnant cramping.) There’s a big difference between the contractions of Braxton Hicks and the real deal: these guys are gone. Just keep coming real contractions. Women pregnant with twins for 32 weeks are at higher risk of premature labor, so watch for contractions that don’t let up.
  • Obscure nipples. Whoa! Whoa! Those areolas suddenly look darker. No one knows exactly why, but one theory is that they darken so that for breastfeeding, baby can see them better. It’s quite amazing your body, huh?
  • Breath shortness. Don’t worry: the baby gets lots of air. You’re not though, so don’t push too hard on yourself.
  • Heartburn. Go ahead and an antacid pop up. They are safe to take during pregnancy for most moms.
  • Leaky Boobs: Your breasts are likely to be noticeably larger and may have even started to produce colostrum, which is the thick yellow fluid that baby will eat in the first few days of life. Don’t be surprised at this point when you see a little leaking. 
  • Viginal Discharge: Might appear to be a bit rough, but increased release prevents infection from your body preparing for delivery. Keep your eye out for the mucus plug— this thick, gooey (sometimes bloody) substance covers the cervix until a couple of days (or hours) before your body expels it. Another thing you should keep an eye on discharge that looks more like a watery liquid. If you have a constant flow that is more like water than discharge, it could have broken your water, causing a slow leak. Call the OB and get to the hospital status if that’s the case.

32 weeks pregnant belly

A 32 weeks pregnant belly from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone should measure about 30 to 34 centimeters. Sometime between now and around week 34. The baby will “drop” from near your ribs down to near your pelvis, where he or she will hang out until delivery in the head-down position. You may notice that when this happens you suddenly go from “carrying high” to “carrying low.” However, this isn’t a guarantee; some babies don’t drop until mom is actually in work.

If you are pregnant with twins for 32 weeks, you obviously feel weighed down more than other pregnant women for 32 weeks. And chances are because the average twin pregnancy is considered full – term at 37 weeks, you are also even closer to delivery.

32 Weeks Ultrasound

Baby’s getting ready for his descent — and, as we’ve mentioned, is probably now in the head-down position. Probably he or she feels even more cramped. You are likely to have a 32-week pregnancy checkup, as most OBs like seeing their patients at this point in pregnancy about every other week. However, you probably won’t have an ultrasound that is pregnant for 32 weeks. Unless you have complications of pregnancy or your doctor wants to check something specific. For example, the doctor may want to perform extra monitoring from week 30 on for women who are pregnant with twins for 32 weeks.

You’re only weeks away from meeting your baby (or babies!) anyway, isn’t that exciting?

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