Poetry by ATTICUS – for the Valentine weekend

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If you haven’t heard of the most sensational poet – ATTICUS, you are missing on the most wonderful pieces written in today’s world.

Who is Atticus?

He is a poet who used Instagram as his platform to publish his work. His works are all poetry. Although, the man is immensely popular, we still wouldn’t know who he really is.  He wears a mask while getting photographed for his Instagram page and even appears at his own poetry readings wearing the same mask. All we know about him is this little description he has provided to the world. It says, Atticus is “a storyteller and observer. Born in West Coast, he’s spent much of his life exploring the world but now calls California his home. He loves the Ocean, the desert, and playing with words.”

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His poetry

In an interview with “The Globe and Mail”, when he was asked about his style of writing shorter poems than the traditional lengthy poems, he replied saying “I love epigrams and aphorisms and turns of phrase and just trying to say a lot with just a few words.”

Thousands of people have got his poems tattooed on themselves. He was voted as “the world’s most tattoo-able” poet by Galore magazine.

A lot of his poetry are about feminine energy and spirit. He is a man who is in touch with his feminine side and that is even more attractive.


The valentine’s day is here already and it is even more exciting to have a weekend added to it. We always fall short of words when we have to express what we feel. It is even harder on days as special as this. You don’t know what to write on a gift paper or on a card or even words you need to say while you raise a glass on this beautiful evening. Do not worry. Poetry by Atticus is to your rescue. Scroll to find those beautiful words.

  • “I think it’s beautiful
    the way you sparkle
    when you talk about
    the things you love.”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

This is a beautiful and raw representation of human passion and how it makes you glow from the inside because that is what truly belongs to you. 


  • “There is nothing
    prettier in the
    whole wide world
    than a girl
    in love
    with every breath she takes.”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

Now you must have heard the term “Carpe diem”. It is in true sense, living the moment and not being worried too much about the future. If everyone start living like that, in love with each breath they take, imagine what a beautiful world it would be.


  • “A sky
    of stars
    and he
    was staring
    at her.
    Atticus, Love her Wild

You have beauty all around you and yet your eyes are set on your woman. How dedicated and passionate is that? Atticus can surely see through a woman’s mind.


  • “She had just enough madness to make her interesting”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

It is always noticeable in his poems, the theme of ‘chaos’ and that is highly captivating. Chaos is perhaps a part of every human and when you love somebody you love all parts of them.


  • “Love her but leave her wild”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

What is love without freedom? You see true beauty in freedom. Love is born in freedom and when a girl especially flies with all her wilderness you love her even more.


  • “I aspire to be
    an old man
    with an old wife
    laughing at old jokes
    from a wild youth.”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

What else would you want to dream of? This is such a relatable and realistic yet a romantic picture that he is painted.


  • “She was everything real in a world of make-believe.”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

You need to drop the mask when you love because you cant be real unless you do so. And when you meet someone as real as they could be in a world of pretense, you cherish them.


  • “She was not for everyone but she was for me.”
    Atticus, Love her Wild

Some people are just made for each other. Not only in the poetic sense but also in a way that their souls call for each other.


You can use his words on special days or lazy noons. You can gift his book to someone or enjoy it yourself on any day. It is special in every way. It is so beautiful that his words will become etched on every mind.

Poetry source: Goodreads, Love her wild by Atticus

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