Michelle Obama’s mother thinks she is not a ‘real star’

Image source : CNN

Michelle Obama has been the First lady who also wrote a best-selling book recently and even started a nation-wide health initiative. But who can win before mothers? Even an achiever like Michelle Obama wasn’t spared of her mother’s sass.
After her surprise appearance at the Grammys, Robinson, her mother was eager to know if her daughter met any “real stars” at the event.

It was when Michelle Obama was sitting with Valerie Jarret when her mother texted her with a sassy compliment for her “being a hit at the Grammys”.
Her mother was more eager to know if Michelle actually met ‘real stars’ at the Grammys or did she run away right after her appearance. It was such a typical mother’s question that Michelle could not help but share this conversation on Instagram.
Michelle reminded her mother that she had already told her that she will on the Grammys and to this her mother replied with all the sass that even though she is old she would have remembered this at least if she was informed. It wasn’t a choice after this that Michelle accepted that she may have forgotten to tell about her appearance at Grammys to her mother.
Although, it was her last remark to her mother that left people in splits. She reassured her mother saying “And I am a real star … by the way…”. But it was obviously followed by Robinson’s monotonous “Yeah”.

It was such a relatable conversation of a mother and her daughter that people could not help but re-share it a million times on their social media. The amount of shade Mrs Robinson threw on her daughter was nothing but a story of every other home. What can you say about moms?

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