Mompreneur – The Term We Needed

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The term ‘Entrepreneur’ did the same work as the neologism – “Mompreneur”.

Then why did we need an entire new term to describe the same work that an entrepreneur does?

We live in a society where we say that “Women have stepped in the male dominated sectors”. We have to say that because the reality of the past is harsh but it is true. It was all dominated by men.

Being in business is a far-off thing. Our entire language is male dominated to begin with. Have you ever noticed how we say – MANkind, huMAN, HIStory, the early MAN.

Have you noticed how we refer to GOD as ‘He’?

This may sound bizarre to many because we have normalized all of these since ages.

The things a woman can do are normalized to such an extent that women themselves started treating their roles in life as ‘duties’. She thinks it is her duty to be a wife, a mother, a homemaker. They believe it is their duty and therefore it is certain for every woman to choose the same path. But it is not.

It is not ‘easy’ to carry a life inside you for months and to bring them into this world with extreme pain. It is not ‘easy’ to make a home out of a house. It is not easy to do any of this.

Therefore, YES, we needed the term ‘Mompreneur’. It is the term that makes people notice how one person is doing the two very important tasks. Being an entrepreneur or being a mother are jobs on their own separately but when you combine both, you need far more energy and women have proved to be that strong. I must say “Stronger”.

Some of the proven examples of such fierce Mompreneurs from India are:


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She is the founder and CEO of LIMEROAD, which is an e-commerce and lifestyle and accessories website. The best part about her story of becoming an entrepreneur is that the idea of being a businesswoman and building her own company came to her when she was on her maternity leave at the age of 39. She is a woman of substance and her dream came true when Limeroad went live in October 2012. She is also an inspiration for thousand women across the world.

MEENA BINDRA – Biba apparels

Image source – Outlook buisness

When her husband, a navy officer, was posted in Mumbai in 1988, she started a small tailoring business in her house. She was married when she was just 19 years old. It was after her two sons grew up and were sent to boarding school when she jumped into the women’s ethnic wear market. Even as the chairperson of Biba apparel, a company that gave annual sales turnover of above Rs.650 crore, Bindra still gets involved in the designing process of seasonal lines. She is above 70, a woman with power on a ground that she herself created, being an inspiration for every woman.

RICHA KAR – Zivame

Image source – Whizsky

It was not long ago, when talking about lingerie was still a taboo in India when Richa kar came out to stand alone and bring the taboo down despite the criticism that she faced everywhere. She is the founder and CEO of the online lingerie store – “Zivame” – a Hebrew word that means ‘radiant me’. She made it easy for the Indian woman to understand and buy intimates for themselves. She was made fun of from friends and family. The Indian mindset became a hurdle in her way but she crossed them all and proved that you only need the zeal for it.



Image source – Elle India

She is the founder and CEO of the most famous online destination of beauty and wellness. A woman who was the MD of Kotak Mahindra capital company and a mother of two made a huge turn towards the e-commerce business while she was ‘happily settled’. It is an understatement to say that she had courage to do so. Started in 2012, Nykaa today stands as the powerhouse in the beauty industry in India and abroad. The consumers are from every age group and the company receives around 15000 orders per day. This is nothing but a story of a dreamer.


These were the very few examples of who came forward to take an unconventional step and achieve their dreams despite the criticism. You need to have the passion and the avidity for your dream and you will achieve it. The age doesn’t matter. The gender doesn’t matter. The number of children or the choice to have them at all doesn’t matter. As a woman, YOU are capable of great things. Unimaginable things. And these MOMPRENEURS have done nothing but run towards their dreams.


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