What Causes Overtiredness In Babies?

What Causes Overtiredness In Babies?
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Fussy babies aren’t a rare sight when you’re dealing with a young child. Babies get cranky when they are tired, exhausted or just upset because of an illness they are unable to bear. Nevertheless, one disorder that occurs is known as overtiredness in babies, which is caused by extreme fatigue. Babies can’t get any sleep due to this and this can make them very cranky. Occasionally, the kid is exhausted but not asleep, so you have to figure out how to help them get them.

It’s important for young children’s parents to know how to handle this disorder so that they won’t be caught unaware if it happens. Just a few tips you could help your baby fall asleep again and this can also help to bring you some much-needed rest.

What Is Overtiredness In Baby?

Overtiredness is generally considered a disorder lying between sleep and exhaustion. Because of that extra physical exhaustion, babies can’t sleep well or at all. The more exhausted, they feel, the more difficult it becomes to put them to sleep again. And, when babies are unable to control or express themselves, they become more cranky than normal.

Learning they can get really tired despite their lack of too many physical activities at this young age can be pretty surprising. As a parent, it is up to you to realize that they feel tired and then start the process of putting them back to sleep.

Causes Of Overtiredness in Babies

There must have been something that caused a baby to feel overtired. Of all the triggers, sleep deprivation is the most common. A baby usually feels overtired because of sleep deprivation, but there are also other reasons:

  • Overstimulation
  • Intestinal Discomfort
  • Underfeeding

Signs Of Tiredness In Babies

Although babies can’t express their words they’re going to express their body language and there are a few baby tired hints you can pick up on:

  • Rubbing Eyes, Hair and Ears
  • Facial Expression
  • Lack Of Interest
  • Body Stiffening
  • Yawning
  • Lack Of Eye Contact
  • Self-Soothing Signs
  • Autonomic signals

How to Calm an Overtired Baby?

With babies getting overtired, there are a few ways you can make them calm down or soothe them. Here are a few approaches to overtired baby to get back to sleep:

  • Holding
  • Feeding
  • Dimming the lights
  • Swaddling

While this may work for infants and younger babies, several methods are available that will work for older babies:

  • Singing lullabies
  • Avoid eye contact and let them have some time
  • Try to remove the noise around them so that they can soothe themselves.
  • Read books to calm them down in a soothing voice

Behavioral attributes that babies display when they’re overtired 

There are certain characteristics of behavior, which babies show when they are overtired or sleepy. There are certain signs that help you determine if your baby is tired.

  • Wakes to the slightest noise and has short day-naps
  • Refuses to have food during feeding time and becomes tired. In the evening he always feeds better.
  • Sleeps for that age group less than their normal number of hours and fails to fall asleep; then, becomes hyperactive
  • Shows more morning happiness and contentment than afternoons. He often cries more often and has less attention span
  • Shows extreme and also insatiable levels of separation anxiety

When you ignore these behavioral actions as parents, they could be detrimental to overall health and development.

Tips to Prevent Overtiredness in Babies

Here are a few tips you should adopt to prevent baby tiredness apart from looking out for the signs:

  • Help them feel comfortable dressing them in appropriate clothing.
  • Make sure they are completely comfortable and not disturbed throughout their sleep hours.
  • Cool the rooms with dim lights
  • Set a daily bed/nap time and help them sleep with a warm bath
  • Settle them even if you note the first symptoms of sleepiness

A baby who is sleeping is always a sight to behold because it gives you the rest you need to take on other duties and obligations. Prioritize your baby’s sleepover everything else, for developing and growing as a nourished and stable adult is his most valuable ally.

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