Tips To Teach Kids About Indian Culture and Traditions

Tips To Teach Kids About Indian Culture and Traditions
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Indian culture is peculiar and one of the oldest cultures in the world. India is one nation with many religions, faiths, languages, and foods. Throughout India, the main religions that followed were Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Children are aware of festivals and other occasions, but a lot is left out of them. To make your children aware of India, they need to be aware of Indian traditions and culture. Continue reading for the tips to teach kids about Indian culture and traditions.

Importance to Teach Kids About Indian Culture And Tradition?

Parents play a major role in passing values and traditions on to their children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your children aware of India’s diverse faiths, cultures, food, clothing style, customs, and traditions. You will clarify with perseverance and patience the rich heritage of our nation, we have inherited from our ancestors. Children should also be able to conceive of the real Indian culture that is far above the dressing or eating form and has genuine respect for it. Such understanding would help children to understand the global changes and to imbibe the changed and current cultural version.

Tips To Teach Kids About Indian Culture and Traditions

Cultural awareness among children is a must from a very young age. When they grow up to accept and enjoy their own unique, distinct culture, it will boost their transition to adulthood. There are many ways that parents should teach their children to respect the values of Indian culture and to learn more about other world cultures.

1. Use examples to teach them about Indian culture

The best way of teaching is by providing appropriate examples. Providing examples of your roots will affect the children better and deeper. By seeing the positive aspect of their own unique culture, they will be able to establish a lifelong connection with it.

2. Let them attend cultural activities

Indian cultural programs reflect the fundamental values of its culture If there is a suitable opportunity, it is important to take the children to see cultural functions. When children attend cultural activities, such as folk dances or songs, they will experience Indian art’s undiluted and purest form.

3. Show them how Indian culture diversifies

Kids will not grasp the richness of Indian culture until they are introduced to it. They should have a chance to see customs and traditions practiced through various Indian states to grasp the meaning of’ unity in diversity. They might forget what they read, but the memories of whatever they see will remain forever in their minds. So take your children to various states in India. Let them hear various languages, try a state’s traditional foods, and see how people dress. The more the children are exploring the more excited they’ll be.

4. Teach Indian Values

The abundance of values embedded in a person right from his birth is one of the most distinctive features of Indian culture. Each home demonstrates respectful conduct and reverence for all. A very important Indian characteristic observed in every home is being respectful to older and younger people. Likewise, politically speaking is another big characteristic that is always exercised. They will teach children not to compromise on principles. This will change their behavior for the better.

5. Encourage traditional clothing and food

From childhood, children should develop a sense of reverence for ethnic clothing. You can plan a get-together during weekends and eat traditional foods and wear ethnic outfits to promote Indian tradition.

6. Make Them Follow Their Own Culture

Let your child celebrate Indian festivals by observing traditions, customs, and rituals in the true spirit. It gives them a real insight into the Indian culture. When children are growing up to see it as part of their education, it gets into their routine and stays forever. Tell them the tales behind a festival too. Tell them why we celebrate Diwali, for example, this will help them learn the mythology of the Indians.

7. Take Them to the Different Parts of the Country

Go to the different regions of India for a holiday with your family. The natural charm, the scenic beauty, the variations in climate, politics, and topography can be well appreciated when seen. Each holiday, you go to a new place, you can learn about our culture and visit our country with the key features of our culture.

So, these are some tips to teach kids about Indian culture and traditions

As a parent, you should try to teach the various aspects of our culture to your children, and celebrate differences. In order to preserve our rich heritage, it is vital that our children know about it and pass it on to generations to come. So, have patience, and teach our rich history and culture to your children.

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