Look Inside To Know About Trendy Accessories In 2019

Trendy Accessories In 2019
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The fashion industry is changing rapidly. The trend that rules the market last year is now replaced with the new ones. That’s how the fashion industry works. So, girls if you are looking for any inspiration or wants to know what’s trending this year then you on the right page.

Choosing the right accessory is important as they can either make or break an outfit. So, It’s important to ensure yours are on-point every time. Forget tassels and chokers as now they are outdated, as this year so many other cool accessories that are going to rule.

2019 Trends:

  • Shrunken Bags: This is one of the popular accessory of 2019. Though we love big bags, we are loving small too. Shrunken bags are small, compact and easy to carry. They also don’t steal the show from your outfit. You find this cute and adorable designs and patterns both in online and offline stores. These bags are a perfect gift idea. Shrunken bags fit in all essential.
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  • Pearls: Pearls are back in 2019, but now in extremely creative ways! This time pearls are used in a creative way. Now you can see pearls in Hair clips, hairbands, embellishments on purses and on clothes as patch-work. So, if you have old pearls get it out & create something new from old pearls and show your creative side.
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  • Embellishments: This is another awesome trend which is making its way in 2019. With this, you can embellish everything. You can use embellishments in wallets, purses, plan dresses and also shoes. With this, you see gorgeous embellishments on your everyday outfits and accessories. Carrying a simple embellished accessory can pop your simple outfit.
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  • Strappy Heels: These heels are already in trends. These are simple, elegant heels are perfect for any occasion and can go with any outfit from Sarees to Kurtis and also go with party dresses. They are trending in online stores also. So, why wait, go and grab your heels.
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  • Sculptural Heels: These heels are a mix of eccentric and classy. These heels are different from regular shoes, the heels shape is odd & funky. The shape of the heels can be oval, triangular, or in any other geometrical or random shape. Transparent heels are the more popular category of these shoes. Super eye-catching sculptural heels are the perfect accessory for an evening event or party.

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  • Angular Sunglasses: Forget cat eye frame, angular sunglasses are now in trend. These glasses look cute, eccentric when worn in the right way. Many options are available right from cylindrical to hexagonal, you can choose the one that suits you better. Be a trendsetter and wear these glasses. 
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Girls get inspired from these trendy accessories of 2019 and be a trendsetter.


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