Warriors behind veils – A poem for the women behind veils

Warriors behind veils
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A lot has been talked about female in general. Today I would like to point out the women who have for so long in the name of love and respect of their families been hiding somewhere behind the veils. When asked to those men and women, they blame it all to the culture.


If we talk about culture, a girl my age in Rajasthan would be asked to cover herself even in that scorching heat, not to mention, also to pull her veil way down till her neck as to not show how she is being tortured inside.

Quoting one of my favourite authors Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as she says about culture – “Culture is the preservation of people. We have the rights to make it and curve it and bend it the way it should be. If women were not treated the right way, not treated as human as expected, then we must make it our culture now.”

When few of these kinds of men see the kind of women who do what they wish to do and speak the way they want to and live life on their terms, they cannot accept it. They act like they don’t understand what’s happening. Because obviously until now they have made their wives and sisters pull their veil down and shut their mouths when “men” speak. So, what do they feel when they encounter a free woman? The confused men would always raise their voice the moment women step a foot outside.

You don’t know what is behind a woman’s veil. It is only time until the veil rises and burns every injustice happening around with the fire they were holding beneath.

This poem is dedicated to those Warriors behind the veils.

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I swear

I can see it in their eyes

The way they look

And sometimes the way they turn away

Somehow not able to process what they just encountered

Somehow not able to relate to what they were used to seeing

But this definitely frightened them

Maybe also like a threat that they are losing their position

A position they had built with mutual understanding

A position they acquired after they had locked the women indoors and been satisfied

Do they feel protected that way?

Then perhaps they know the power a woman beholds

That she might reign over them if the doors are left open.

The fire, the sweat, the constant chopping of vegetables

Bearing all the torture

And sleeping each night

With tears buried deep down

In their souls and pillows

Somewhere the strength was dying a slow death

The mind did not feel like standing up anymore

To make any decisions

They are making it for us

Setting rules and closing doors

Yelling when spoken against, kicking when standing against.

Cover your body and cover your soul”, they say

The dirt might ruin your beauty.

We cannot bear someone’s eyes on you

You are my nightingale darling

How can I open the cage for you?

How can I lose you?

They are afraid to lose us

They know the stronger woman that lies underneath

And that she may take over any day if given the freedom


Let’s just take away all her freedom

Let’s make all the decisions for her

Let us hold her in captivity

Let us not let her believe who she is

Let us stop her from meeting herself.


She will believe me


She loves me.

That is all they know

Her weakness

They called her love, her kindness, her compassion

A weakness.

How little do they know

When they sit on the couch in chauvinistic groups

Sipping whiskey and acting like they know politics

With women indoors trying hard to please.

Her love is the armour she wears proudly

But one day,

One day

She will wear it against you

She will hold the sword of her freedom against you

And she will be on the battlefield

Against you.

That day,

When you turn and see

You will know how little you knew

And I swear

There will be fear in your eyes

The way you’ll look

And the way you’ll turn away, frightened!

You have not seen a woman that free

You have not seen a woman that strong

You were living your fantasy

But it’s time you know it’s not reality.

So, look me in the eye

And make me believe the man you are

The human you are

I swear I will not see a lot of you.


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