Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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We don’t know how much strain we put on our feet in our daily lives complete of hustles and bustles! There are many individuals religiously following their skincare routine and taking care of their facial skin, but at the same moment ignoring their feet unconsciously. Taking care of our feet’s skin is as essential as taking care of our face, after all, no one wants to see dry and cracked feet! So, once in a while, it’s great to have a foot spa at home to pamper your feet and reduce stress.

In order to get a foot spa in an expensive salon, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, you can follow these easy and simple measures to do a relaxing foot spa at home.

How To Do Foot Spa At Home

Before you begin, you need to collect the materials and ingredients you need for a foot spa. Here’s exactly what you need:

  • A large plastic tub (large enough to soak your legs)
  • Lukewarm water
  • Towel
  • Salt
  • Powdered Milk – 2-3 tbsp
  • Essential Oil (Lavender or peppermint)
  • Rose petal (optional)
  • Almond oil – 1 tbsp
  • A foot scrubbing brush or a foot scrub
  • Moisturizer
  • Nail clippers
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail polish remover
  • Marbles (Optional)

1. Peaceful And Comfortable Spot:

When you go to the foot spa in the salon, it’s not just the procedure that relaxes you. The relaxing spa atmosphere plays a major role in shaping your overall experience. Choose a cozy spot for you. You may want to light a few aromatic / aromatherapy candles. This is going to improve your sensory experience. You can play relaxing music, too.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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2. Remove Nail Polish First:

Start your pampering session with a nail polish remover removing any old nail polish from your toenails. Use a clean wet cloth to remove oil or dirt from them even if they are bare.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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3. Prepare A Foot Soak:

Place the marbles in the tub by filling it with warm water and prepare a warm soak. In the water, mix the salts. Add ten to fifteen drops of essential oil. If you use a mixture of oils, make sure you use a total of 10-15 drops. Add the petals of the rose (if any). Mix the almond oil with the powdered milk. This will help soften your feet.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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4. Exfoliate:

It’s time to get to work after 15-20 minutes of soaking and relaxing! When using an exfoliating brush, gently scrub your feet, especially the heels, with it. If you have thick skin and calluses on your feet, you can also use a pumice stone. Apply the scrubber all over your feet and scrub thoroughly for 5 minutes if you use a foot scrubbing cream. Wash it off in the tub with the warm water of the foot spa.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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5. Foot Massage:

This is where the marbles are going to help. Place your feet and roll back and forth on the marbles. Don’t worry if you don’t have marbles. Use your hands to get a massage for yourself. You can also use a massager purchased from a store.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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6. Moisturize:

Rinse your feet in the water after the massage and pat them dry with a towel. Apply your feet with a moisturizer. Put on your socks if you’re going to stop here, and you’re done. If you would like to do a pedicure, however, follow the next steps.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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7. Pedicure:

Use a nail clipper to clip your nails. To push away and clean the cuticles, use the cuticles pusher. Apply a transparent nail polish base coat once done and then apply your favorite nail polish. Wait at least 45 minutes before wearing your socks or until the nail polish dries.

Learn How To Do Foot Spa At Home
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Benefits Of A Foot Spa

1. It relieves the muscles of your feet:

In warm water mixed with salts and essential oils, soaking your feet reduces soreness and fatigue. It warms them up and loosens muscle tension. This also helps improve your feet’s blood circulation.

2. It maintains healthy skin:

It can be irritating and unsightly to look at cracked heels and calluses on the feet. Regular foot spas help you to rid your feet of cracked heels and hardened skin by softening the skin and keeping it moisturized.

3. Keeps your feet soft:

It flows deep into the skin when you soak and moisturize your feet during the spa. For a long time, this keeps your feet soft and youthful.

Not only is it cost-effective to get a foot spa at home, but you can also adjust your ingredients according to your mood and needs. Try it today.

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DISCLAIMER: These remedies may not show results to the people having medical conditions. Results may vary from person to person.