Ways To Stop Your Nail Polish Chipping

Ways To Stop Your Nail Polish Chipping
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After applying a new coat, all women had their nail polish chipping

Though it’s frustrating, particularly if you have a social event that will take place on the same day, there are some remedies that prevent your day from ruining.

It is important for women to have painted and well-manicured nails. Well, why not? They add to the beauty of your hand, make your dresses look coordinated, and offer them an up-to-date look. So, if your nail polish begins chiping we can imagine your frustration. There are, however, methods to avoid the chipping of nail paint. Read more to find smart and proven ways to maintain your manicure fresh and beautiful.

Ways To Stop Your Nail Polish Chipping

1. First, Wash Your Hands:

Make sure that your nails don’t have any oils left. Clean, dry nails will make it possible for the polish to stick better and last longer. Although this isn’t the healthiest, you can even swipe with a little polish remover over clean nails to make sure that natural oils are absent before painting.

It is also suggested to maintain your painted nails away from lotions, oils, and other potions as it can lead to your nail polish being peeled and chipped. The use of cuticle creams, soaps, or even hand lotions before you get a manicure is a significant no-no. This will keep the color of your nail intact and your hands look beautiful.

2. Paint Thin Layers:

Thicker layers are much easier to chip and peel off than thin ones. If your first coat looks streaky it’s okay, just keep the layers as thin as possible.

It’s advisable to apply approximately two or three thin layers of polished nails as compared to one thick layer. How can that be beneficial, you ask? If you use a thick coat in nail paint, the process can leave small air bubbles which then cause the paint to be chipped.

3. Before Drying Apply Top Coat:

Before your color has dried, make sure to apply your topcoat. If your polish is still wet when the topcoat is applied, it will help to bind the polish better to the nail. Be sure to have enough top coat on the brush before painting, so there are no strips.

4. Stay Away from Water:

Water is good for your skin, but it doesn’t favor the nail on your nails. Before applying the first coat of nail paint, make sure your nails are dry. It could stop the first coat from staying on your nails even if your nails are a little moist. Also, after pampering yourself with a manicure, avoid wetting your nails. That would imply staying away from the dirty food, the pool, and even the beach. If it goes into touch with water, your nail polish will chip as quickly as it dries.

5. Allow Proper Dry Time:

Metallic polishes generally dry quicker than creams. (They’re not chipping as readily either.) And the darker the color, the longer it generally takes to dry. Before they come into contact with other substances, particularly hot water (i.e. do not take a shower until your nails are dry), make sure your nails are completely dry. If the top layer feels dry but not hard (by pushing your nail against something you can dent the polish), attempt to dunk your nails in some cold water.

6. Roll Your Polish:

Always be sure to roll the nail polish bottle around for a nice mix before applying nail polish. Before applying the polish, when you shake the bottle, it impedes even implementation. This could cause smudging of the nail paint, making all the effort you put into applying paint coats come to nothing. A little additional attention would make the procedure really worthwhile.

7. Follow Up:

You can apply a top coat every day or every other day if you really want your manicure to last a long time. This not only prolongs your polish life, but it also keeps your mani looking like you’ve just done it.

If you never want the nail polish chipping to go through, be sure to follow these advice and suggestions. A little care is taken to ensure your painted nails stay beautiful, and you never have to worry about hiding your hands and rushing to paint nails every few days.

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