How to build baby’s immunity Strong?


A happy and healthy baby makes a parent tension free. There is nothing better than avoiding medications or boosting immunity naturally.

8 Keys points to pocket

  1. Nutrition : A complete and balanced diet which include all type of seasonal fruits and vegetables can work amazingly on child’s Immunity. Inclusion of all colors viz yellow-red fruits, green-yellow-purple veggies etc; all type and colors of vegetables/fruits is the easiest way of including maximum possible minerals and vitamins in kid’s diet. Specially leafy vegetables are a rich source of zinc, folic acid and irons.
  2. Proper Time Table: Along with the inclusion of balanced diet, a routine and time maintenance is also a key to healthy life.
  3. Teaching healthy habits: Teach your child basics of hygiene, like washing hands before and after meals and after using wash room, after playing outdoors etc. Make them realize what good and bad habits are.
  4. Some Herbs and Fermented food Items: Some herbs such as Tulsi, Basil etc are extremely good to boost immunity when added with ginger and honey works best on throat infection and cold-cough in kids. Also Curd and other fermented food items works best on kids’ digestive system as bacteria present in such food items discourage colonization of harmful bacteria in stomach. Note: Keep child away from antibiotics if not necessary and use home remedies to cure general problems like cough & cold.
  5. Sleep: Inadequate sleep routine may also become a reason to spoil metabolism in body. 
  6. Schedule for Everything: Try and maintain schedules for meals, naps, play & outdoor activities. A well maintained schedule boosts immunity. 
  7. Maintaining sleep schedule: A baby’s ever growing body and mind need sufficient rest and sleep to maintain its strength.
  8. Sunlight: Expose your kid to mild sunlight of either early morning or evening for 15 mins daily or at least 2 hours a week. Sun is beneficial to strengthen muscles, cure any type of skin infection, and boost metabolism. It also improves sleep quality and eases mild depression.


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