India – A Science Hub Since Centuries !

India was always been full of diversity. Starting from the Veda kaal till the day we started calling our Ideology as mythology and till today, one thing I have realized which is in common is that “the one who really thrive on Hinduism must persuade logic & science“.
From the very beginning, or consider the peak period of ancient modernization which is named as Indus Vally Civilization to the era of Aryabhatta, Science was always predominant in our culture later the corruption, theft of literature and the loots done by Mughals and Britishers marked a big black hole specially when many bad rulers avoided the vigilance towards drainage of vast literature.
A huge amount of crowd which was badly exploited among those eras got depleted gradually and could not sustain their economy and knowledge. Few became worshipers of idols just because they couldn’t properly remember the Ved Gyan, some became Atheists and some converted their surroundings into stereotypical manner in fear of loosing their religion in tough periods hence it bred few irrelevant traditions, stories and many orthodoxies. 
Still many highbrows who remained indulged into their worships of practicing knowledge, rediscovered and analysed many facts.
Out of all those chaos and mess which was created by Foreign rulers the largest loss we suffered was mechanism. Like; we have many theories with us but we are not left with the formulas.
We were doing surgeries from 600 BCE; The Sushruta being oldest surgeon and father of Ayurveda was able to perform Cataract operations then in that time when there was no ultrasound devices.
Aryabhatta added Zero to the mathematics, Rishi Kanad devised atomic (anu) theory centuries before John dalton would born. Indian Astronauts (Jyotishacharyas) used to depict celestial movements without telescopes.
There must have been a great science in that time that has evolved us so much.

Almost every ancient temple of India has great geometrical relevance, their construction is perfect and strong. They used what type of cements to build those huge castles, How did they pulled up the stones to create enormous walls of the Kilas, how they used to mine the tunnels without compass, and there are several endless questions come in my mind, to which I probably have No perfect answers but yes those question themselves explain that Hindus from the beginning were the scientists and the word “mythology’ used for our culture has evolved because of the people who have forgotten this history and have allowed illiteracy to rule and stereotype to spread.