Tips For A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy During Winters

Tips For A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy During Winters
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Pregnancy is sometimes a little complicated for some expectant mothers during the winter months. We are susceptible to infection, cough, and cold, and the chill in the air contributes to pain and discomfort as the intake of medicines during this time is limited. Breezing through it is definitely possible if pregnant women prepare to face the harsh weather during pregnancy in anticipation. Scroll down to know the tips for a healthy pregnancy during winters.

Tips For A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy During Winters

Special care is needed for the start of winters. During the season, maternity care should always include adequate protection by wearing the right type of clothing, eating the right type of food, keeping the skin hydrated and above all increasing the body’s immunity.

Here are some helpful tips for a healthy pregnancy during winters.

1. Wear a Winter Jacket

The most important thing in the winter season is being comfortable and warm. It is a good idea to purchase a new jacket because it helps to heat the body. It’s a great option to buy a winter jacket instead of visiting the thrift store and buy a mother’s coat just for a few months, to keep your body cozy and warm by zipping it correctly. Although the regular jacket you own may be tempting, a new jacket will help you to stay well and survive easily if you have difficulty with winter elements.

2. Take Flu Vaccine

Having the flu vaccine is beneficial as the immune system is hit during pregnancy. A flu vaccine is declared safe for expecting mothers and unborn babies by the Center for Disease Control. It’s much better to take a fast poke in the form of a vaccine, to prevent complications due to the flu, and to keep you and your child safe.

3. Exercise Regularly

When it’s very cold, it’s not easy to walk, because the ice-cold and cold air makes the lungs feel like they’re lined with icicles. It’s even more complicated for pregnant women. Some indoor exercises can be a good replacement for keeping you fit and safe. During pregnancy, you can go to a local indoor pool, join a gym, go to a local mall or buy a yoga mat and yoga DVD to stay active and fit during peak winters.

4. Wash Your Hands Regularly

The best way to avoid germs is to wash your hands regularly, particularly during pregnancy. It is quite safe to wash hands after running errands before coming into contact with any close or dear one. Use a hand sanitizer if there is no sink nearby. You have to wash your hands properly after every break in the toilet and before eating something, keeping in mind the baby’s safety in the womb.

5. Use Moisturizer for Skin

The skin is already dry during pregnancy combined with the harsh winter breeze that steals the moisture content and leaves it dry and lifeless. Dry skin is flaky and itchy, and while you’re pregnant, the skin needs special care during the winter. Use lukewarm bathing water to avoid hot baths, regardless of how tempting it may seem. You have to moisturize the skin immediately after taking a bath as it draws in the moisturizer leaving the skin dry, smooth and supple. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the elbows, hand stomach and even chest. During pregnancy, the body will feel grateful for the pamper shown.

6. Stay Indoors 

The body becomes more responsive and more vulnerable to infection when you are pregnant. If your body is exposed to extreme weather conditions and the germs can affect the mother and the infant, it can be very dangerous. Due to extreme weather conditions, some women suffer from common cold and cough. Upon leaving the cozy home, the responsive body takes time to adjust to the changing climate of colder winds outside. Both excursions should be postponed until the weather gets better and better.

7. Stay Hydrated

Winter makes one avoid or subconsciously forget drinking water with its chilly weather, which is not good for pregnant moms. The body needs extra water in winter because the winter air is dry. If you try to replace water with drinks, it won’t be conducive. Although a very good option is coconut water and juices, water is the best way to keep the body hydrated. When you find you need drinking water reminders, there are choices on the phone these days to set reminders. You also need to know the amount of water you need to drink every day. Dehydration can result in premature labor and a host of other issues.

As you know, winter can be a bit daunting for you, but you’ll certainly feel better during pregnancy with proper care. If the temperatures drop, some good walking shoes will also be handy if you walk the whole way to work. It’s easier than you think to survive a winter pregnancy if you take care and keep these precautions in mind. Preparing for changing weather will help to overcome the dangers that lie between the blast of heat and the icy streets.

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