Healthy & Happy Pregnancy


A way to healthy pregnancy

Starting from the day of conception till the day she stops breastfeeding (ideally when baby is 15-18 months) body of a mother has to go through various changes, these can either be physical, emotional or hormonal. All what required for her is intense care for all these times when she feels low, lesser motivated, physically weak and emotionally shattered. When she is well enough emotionally supported she is happy, and when she is happy she must be leading a healthy pregnancy
Along with all support she needs, her diet and daily routine has to be taken care off very well because the baby either inside her or breastfeeding is totally dependent upon her mother.
Along with the prescribed medicines or supplements that doctor give, below points are to be taken care off,
Pocket the advice:
1. Iron: You must add iron rich food in your daily diet. Such as Spinach and other green leafy veggies, raisins, apricots, peas etc.
Pairing iron rich food with lemon or orange juice (viz rich in Vitamin C) will accelerate the iron absorption in body.
2. Folic Acid: Most important during first trimester. It assures good psychological development of baby. Oranges, green vegetables, lentils and fortified breakfast helps the most to refill the folate deficiencies.
3. Water & Water: There is no substitute of water. Keep yourself hydrated all through this time to avoid any complications later.
4. Lot of Rest: When body demands the rest, listen to it! Over exertion or fatigue is not be done. Rest whenever and wherever it is comfortable, because sound sleep may be bothersome during the night time.
5. Exercise: Walking is best during pregnancy, also stick on to the routine exercise as advised by your doctor. It will help to smooth the labor later.
6. Lesser Sugar: Avoid eating lot of sweet or sugary products because excess of it may cause gestational diabetes.
7. No to Caffeine: Baby developing inside you needs nutrients which are healthy and easy absorbance. Caffeine has no benefits, however excessive intake hinders with right development of the baby.