How To Boost Fertility To Get Pregnant

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant


Are you trying to conceive? You can increase your fertility by making some changes in both lifestyles.


What can we do for early pregnancies?


The most common way to increase the chances of pregnancy is to make unprotected sexual intercourse every few days throughout your cycle. In this way, the supply of sperm will be ensured in the time of ovulation where necessary.

A healthy diet and lifestyle can also help in conception. At the same time, keeping the levels of stress is also beneficial.


What if we’re too busy to plan our sex life?


Many times it is difficult to get regular sexual intercourse because of a busy lifestyle. Regular sexual intercourse is not possible due to the fact of being involved in work or being busy in the responsibilities of supervision of other children. This can be beneficial for detecting your fertile days.

Women who have irregular menstruation may also try to succeed in pregnancy by detecting fertile days. If you are trying to conception through an assisted conception, then your doctor has asked you to find out the days of ovulation during this process.

Another way to know when you will overeat, BBT. Thermometer or fertility thermometer is used. Through them, the basal temperature of the body (BBT) and the cervical spleen (cervical mucus, CM) are detected. It takes much time in this manner, but it is quite cheap.

In the use of this method, you will have to write the statistics of your menstrual cycle first and foremost every morning for a few months. After this, you will be able to identify the method of your cycle and will better estimate the days of your ovulation.

Most women see an increase in their temperature, which is an indication that ovulation has been done. At the same time, they find their mucus looks and feels like raw egg white at around the same time. When these two things are together, it tells you that you have ovulated.

If your menstrual cycle is regular, you can estimate in the coming cycles that in which days your expectation for pregnancy is high. In such a situation, you must interact at least once in those days. Continue this until you become pregnant.

However, in such a way, sexual intercourse only in ovulation days does not benefit much in natural conception. Compared to it, it is more helpful to intercourse every two or three days.

Remember that every woman’s menstrual cycle is different. Your chart may be different from others or it is different every month. However, keep in mind that these methods of finding ovulation can also be negative.

Ways to get pregnant fast


First remedy: Eat a healthy diet

Both food and fertility are connected to each other. If you eat both regular healthy and balanced foods, then you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Second Remedy: Workout  Together

Being healthy is a great way to increase fertility. You do not need to exercise too much. Just running regular cycling, jogging or slow running is enough. Sitting for many hours on a bicycle seat can affect the fertility of some men, but there is no harm in cycling in amateur.


Third Remedy: Relax

Staying in stress may affect your pregnancy prospects. Therefore, take both times aside and spend comfortable moments with each other.


Fourth remedy: changes in some habits

Having a long sitting, placing a laptop in the lap, working in the summer environment and wearing tight underwear may affect your sperm production. If you are trying to become a father, you can benefit from keeping the laptop working on the table and wearing loose underwear.


Fifth remedy: Go For Mini Vacation

You both go to the conception moon. Conception moon is the holidays that people only take pregnancy efforts. Many times apart from your everyday routine can be beneficial to do something different. This can really help you take time for each other and relax.


Sixth Remedy: Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can reduce your fertility. Occasionally alcohol can be consumed, but if alcohol is a part of the daily life of both of you, then try to reduce it.


Seventh Remedy: Quit Smoking

Smoking is known to reduce fertility in women and men. If you have not left this habit, then why don’t you both now help each other in doing so.


Eighth Remedy: Rekindle Love

If you cannot go roaming or you do not have time for it, then try other ways to revive your love again. Some spouses start feeling like they are only sexually mating for pregnancy. If similar to you, then you forget about your fertile days, again focus on love and romance.


Ninth Remedy: Regular sex, but not disciplined

As we all know, making love is the most important! However, knowing your ovulation period is beneficial, but every second or third-day sexual intercourse also has a very high probability of pregnancy.


Whether you adopt a regular love affair for pregnancy or focus on your fertile days, in both situations, we wish you good luck!

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