Castor oil to induce labour?

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Before the actual delivery comes the precious nine months that require a lot of patience and care. There is an endless list of all the Dos and Don’ts. It is not smart to stress over that list but some of those facts are to be considered closely. Certain things are regarded as safe for the mother-to-be, but there are other things that have received a mixed opinion. You cannot afford to take risk in such a crucial period and therefore, you must be well versed of the proc and cons of every ingredient. Castor oil is one such thing.

Castor oil is rich and thick. It is extracted by the pressing of castor beans and has been a popular choice since centuries to cure a multitude of problems regarding health.

Castor oil is endorsed by many for its benefits for pregnancy especially in cases where a pregnant woman has crossed the 40-weeks mark.


Castor oil for inducing labour

For centuries, Castor oil has been a go-to way for women who were past 40-weeks. It has laxative properties and when it is consumed, this oil stimulates the bowels and causes the uterus to contract. The main constituent of Castor oil is Ricinoleic acid. This acid attacks the prostaglandin receptors in the womb and intestines which causes them to contract. Castor oil is also said to lead a person to diarrhoea. This happens because this oil affects the fluid and electrolytes absorption in the gut. This leading to diarrhoea then goes on to induce contractions.


How much Castor oil is required for labour induction?

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Many recommend not taking Castor oil more than 1 or 2 tablespoons at a given time. While many have also suggested to use about half a cup of castor oil but it is always wise to start with less amount and gradually increase the dosage, if required.

The overdose of Castor oil leads to acute Diarrhoea and dehydration.


How long does it take for Castor oil to induce labour?

It may vary from person to person. In few cases, the mother-to-be reported experiencing the effect and got into a labour within a couple of hours of the consumption of this oil. Other cases have reported to have no effect whatsoever. In such cases, the induction may happen over a period of next few days.

Although, the side effects of the consumption may start to manifest just within the next few hours and may even last up to 1-5 hours. This data may not be enough to ascertain the effects and result but it is the most generalized opinion from the ones who have experienced it.


How to consume the Castor oil (for labour induction)?

You may be well aware of the unpleasant taste of Castor oil. Therefore, you can try different ways of consumption. It depends on the individual’s preference.

  • You can try to blend the taste of the oil by using other liquids to it and make it worth drinking. You can try Orange juice or any other juice you would want to add to it. This will conceal the unpleasant taste of the oil.
  • To neutralize the taste of the oil after you have consumed it in one go, you can follow it up with something better to drink right after it.


Things to keep in mind after consumption

  • You must make sure that you drink plenty of water after consuming Castor oil. This oil is laxative and it causes dehydration. You have to keep yourself hydrated after it.
  • The consumption of Castor oil may lead to acute diarrhoea. You have to be aware and try to stay at a place where you have a washroom nearby.
  • It is desirable to take only a spoonful or two of the Castor oil within 24 hours.
  • Your body must be prepared for the labour. You have to be about 40-weeks to try inducing the labour through consumption of Castor oil.
  • You must not use Castor oil to accelerate the labour as it will result in discomfort and heightened pain.

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