How Advertisement Effect Children

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In this competitive world, every company makes their product stand out from the lot by advertising its product. These advertisements sometimes can be informative, but in some cases, they have some negative effect on children

Children don’t understand the nature of advertisement because of lack of maturity. They have their own perception of the advertisement and for them whatever they are showing on television is true. 

Effect of Advertisements: 

Based on the content, quality & presentation of the advertisement, it has some positive as well as negative effects on children.

  • Positive Impact
  1. Advertisement increases the knowledge of the latest technology and product like a public service announcement, which presents a new and technologically milestone that helps for a good learning chance for the child.
  2. The advertisement also helps in improving the diet of a diet if the ads for healthy food is attractive.
  3. Some hygiene product’s ads inspire child for good and hygienic habits.
  4. Also, some ads encourage a child to chase a dream or develop a passion from a young age.
  5. In some ads, some children are engaging in activities like saving or helping in the house makes a positive impact on the child and encourage the child to do the same things.
  6. Alcohol & Smoking cautionary advertisement reveals the consequences of consuming them which help the child to understand the risk factor of using such product and urge them to not to use these products.
  7. The advertisement with the content of social changes promotes a sense of duty in children for the community.
  8. The advertisement which focuses on the importance of family and togetherness leaves a positive impact on children.
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  • Negative Impact:
  1. Because of advertisement children mostly become stubborn and demand specific product which they saw in the advertisement.
  2. Children mainly focus on the negative side of the advertisement.
  3. Some advertisement shows, stunts which children attempt to imitate those stunts which can be dangerous for children. Although the advertisement came with a statutory warning, they are often ignored by the child.
  4. Unhealthy junk food advertisement mainly targeting the children by making it visually appealing which influence the habit of children and sometimes leads to obesity.
  5. Liking towards expensive things increase, which sometimes lowers the self-esteem of the children as they feel inferior for not having the parts expensive thing. 
  6. Some advertisement is related to physical intimacy, like the ad of deodorant. In their commercials, they show deodorant as the mean of attracting people. It shows that if they spray particular deodorant the fragrance attracts girls/boy to be with you.
  7. Advertisement confused the children between real and reel world. In the ad may be some top model have an issue of hair fall and when they use particular shampoo and now they are having the best hair. But in reality, they may use a wig or there is zero hair fall. But children do not understand the falsehood behind the advertisement and perceive what is shown in the ad.
  8. Advertisement affects the behavior of a child. A child throws tantrum and became impatient to buy a particular thing which may be or may not be useful or appropriate for them.

The screen time of these advertisements is very short but their impact is very deep in the child’s mind due to repetitive screening, content & visual of the advertisement.


Children’s immature brains have easily perceived the thing that they see or hear. So, monitored what they see and how they are reacting. Also, make them understand the difference between the real and reel world