Aware Your Child About Good Touch and Bad Touch

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Parents, nowadays we hear a lot of news report about child abuse and molestation & that makes us terrified and raised the question about the safety of our young children. It’s now high time you should teach your child about ” Good Touch & Bad Touch”.  The children with the age below 6-7 are targeted most of the time as they are too young to understand what is good and what is bad.

This is a very sensitive topic and most parents avoid to talk about this to there children. But for the betterment of young children, it is important that they know about this and also know how to handle the situation if they ever face a situation like this. 

Teach your child about Good touch & Bad Touch as early as possible so that they can understand this issue. It’s all about your child safety. So keep your doubt and inhibition aside and teach them in a simple way as we do for many other things.

Start your teaching with their private parts

Tell them that nobody has a right or permission to touch your body, especially their private parts which usually keep covered. Also make them understand that parents only touch their parts only when they are bathing or cleaning you, not otherwise.

Difference Between Good Touch & Bad Touch

Good Touch

Tell them when somebody touches and you feel nice and warm, then it’s Good Touch.  Make them understand by giving some real-life situation of good touches like when mom and dad hug them or give goodnight kiss, or when while playing they hold the hands of their friends or when their grandparents hold them in their arm. Also, Good touch makes them feel safe and protected.

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Bad Touch

Bad touches can result in severe physical, emotional and psychological trauma. 

When somebody touches you and you feel unpleasant and uncomfortable then it’s a Bad Touch. Here also use some examples like if you feel hurt, don’t want to be touched or if without any reason somebody touches your private parts then it is Bad Touch. 

By just telling them about the Good Touch & Bad Touch is not enough. Become your child’s friend and assure them they can share each and everything with you. Also when they share something with you,  listen to them carefully. 

  • Teach your child to say NO when someone touches them in a way that they do not like. 
  • Tell them if they encountered such a situation, then go away from that place as fast as they can.
  • Scream for help if there is no elder is present nearby. Also, ask them to tell their parents or teacher or any trustworthy person everything that happened. 
  • Also if something inappropriate happens, don’t feel guilty about yourself as they did not do anything wrong. 
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When raising children constant vigilance is important. Don’t blindly trust any stranger or even closer ones. Many reports indicate that most of the child abuse is done by a well-known person and not some stranger. If you notice any strange behavior in a child or he/she is feeling distressed in the presence of an adult then they might be your child may be abused and the adult whose presence is disturbing your child may be an abuser.  Don’t take these signs lightly and talk to your child about this. No matter the abuser is your friend, family member or even your spouse, your child safety and happiness is dependent on you.

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As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make a better and safer place for your child. Support them and believe in them. Assure them that you are with them and they can trust you.