Do NOT Force Your Child To Hug Or Kiss EVER !

Do NOT Force Your Child To Hug Or Kiss EVER !

We often ask our kids to Hug or Kiss back to the family members or relatives. And we find ourselves stuck in such situations where we see our close relative requesting the kid “give me a kiss if you want toys” or “hug me to say thank you, I have given you chocolates” or “Do it once for me please”, in such situations we end up asking the same as relatives or friends may feel offended if we don’t.

If the child doesn’t like to kiss or hug then do not force him instead to escape such situation you can step in to say “Its okay dear if you just want to give a flying kiss” or “Just give a high-fi, we can hug later or some other day”.

Understand their GestureYour kids have their own gestures of showing love, he will not hide himself besides you if he likes the person you are visiting; he will show his toys or books to the person immediately by himself if the one he love, is visiting your house; same way if the child allow the person to cuddle means its his positive gesture towards that relative or Friend. And if he doesn’t do it with some people then its completely okay, do not feel embarrassed about it. For a parent its a milestone achieved if your kid knows that anyone can not touch him without his consent and nobody can force him to be physical.

Its important to teach them, How to give respect to others or how to show love to your family members and friends; but let them have the liberty of choosing ‘their own way’ of showing love both ways either through a distance or allowing someone to cuddle (of course in your presence).

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