Appreciation – A Key to All ‘Happy’ Relationships !



Make someone smile every hour and you will never live in grey.

We all in our societies, families and work places are inter-dependent on each other, some or the other way. Sometimes we appreciate it and sometimes we don’t even realize it. But to yourself realize this and to make someone else realize that how much they are impacting on your life in some positive way, gives a lot of strength to the one who is really working hard for it. And after making this a habit you will soon feel the difference, because it will make people more confident and hence they will do better with some more efforts, good energy & with full of heart.

  1. Between Husband & Wife: We have tendency to ignore the things at home. Man ignores the efforts that his wife take while managing the home and family and Woman sometimes become negligent towards her Husband’s effort. Because many a times we consider this as their duty or a routine work; that mentality ends all up into clashes, fights, insecurities and demands. However, if you make “appreciation” as a habit then you’ll find more peace and love in your life.
  2. At Your Work Place: If you are a leader or have people with you whom you are managing then this is a trait you must acquire. Give some responsibilities to your team and appreciate their efforts first before figuring out the mistakes. Make them feel important through your gesture. This gesture is equally important for those who are making your table clean, who are serving you tea & snacks or for those who are keeping your washrooms clean. Make your surrounding more positive through your thankful gestures and smiles of Gratitude!
  3. With Your Kids: No matter how small or how grown up your kid is, their self esteem is required to be boosted every time they take effort to make things better either at school or at home itself. Don’t wait for them ‘to win’ to utter out the words of appreciation, their participation & zeal is equally important and needs motivation through your gesture of love to make them perform better every next time. Never pressurize them to perform better than others, instead teach them to compete first with themselves. Hug them and say before their competitions that “You are already a winner for me, as you’re prepared you’ll perform the best”. Never demotivate or criticize them if they loose. Ask them to keep up the spirit to win upcoming events.
  4. With Family & Friends: We all are inter-dependent on each other, we seldom realize that how much we are benefited with the presence of another person in our life. And most of the times we actually feel thankful but don’t say this to the person face to face. Just have those guts and make it a habit of being thankful and expressing it frankly, as it is really important for the relationships. We tend to show mistakes more often and frequently than recognizing good work. Try to become ignorant towards mistakes and more vigilant towards good work by appreciating it.

We know that what we give, comes back to us! The same is with appreciation. Then why not spread good vibes and make people feel special because really mean a lot to you !!

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