Movie 2.0 : Rs 550 Crore Makes It Big or Not

Movie 2.0

2.0, the most awaited movie of the year released yesterday. The film should be applauded for efforts done in vfx, Drama, actions, emotions and an extra mark for considering environment before technology but it highly lacks evident-science and logic.

At times you get frustrated when robots smile and get infatuated towards each other.

No match of Superstar Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar, full marks goes to their respective acting but you can enjoy the movie only if you ignore the story part.

Post interval there comes a scene where chitti the robot appears as giant-robo 2.0 into battle and tosses the cigarette in Thalliva style; your heart will forgive the producers for weak creation of Science fiction for just Rs 550 crores if you are a Rajni Fan !

Spicy dialogues and punchlines are more into the pocket of chitti. It’s a safe play; where makers do not want to use real scientific evidences or logic, and why should they care when they have two super heroes.

Jokes apart; the movie carries a good message which makes you feel guilty at many times during the watch for using cellphones excessively. No matter whether they have used the facts aptly or not about birds being victim of mobile radiations but yes more or less everyone of us (living creatures) are getting affected due to these handy technologies.

This gadget is an issue, it really is. We had already posted the satirical version of the same issue many times. Click on the link to see more

Well you can go and watch the movie if you are a die hard fan of Rajni and a lot of bollywood action drama !