Quick and Effective Beauty Tips for Moms

Beauty Tips for Moms

Yes ! You are doing a job where you hardly get a minute for yourself. Being mom is tough but that doesn’t mean you need to be rough on yourself. Follow these simple tips and shine like always.

We have quick, simple and easy tips for you because it is really important to care for yourself while being a good mom all the time ! When you look good, feel healthy then it increases your self esteem.

  1. Follow bed-time Routine: Wash your face just before you go to the bed and apply Aloe Vera Gel on face & neck and Vaseline or Rose water on Lips.
  2. Kitchen-The New Beauty Clinic: Use your kitchen time. We all know that no matter how much you are busy you’ll have to spend a lot of your hours of a day there at the kitchen. So why don’t you use the space and ingredients there itself. I) Tomatoes; Use it’s juice on your face twice a week and get your glow back in few days. II) Raw milk; Spare a few drops before you boil it and apply it on face and neck. III) Papaya Peel; Rub the peel gently on your face whenever you eat papaya, it rejuvenates the skin. IV) Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  3. Day care: Wash your face thrice or four times a day. Moisturize it every time after washing. Wisely use the cream, Don’t use oil based creams if your skin is already oily. Always use clean towel to avoid pimples or other infections.
  4. Light makeup: Wear kajal, mascara and lipstick for sure whenever you go out. Applying these few things doesn’t take more than 5 minutes but gives a lot of confidence because if you look good you feel better about yourself.
  5. Smile: Keep the best ornament of yours on always which is your smile.

Keep shining and smiling, you are anyway sacrificing a lot during parenting. Let’s not ignore our health and beauty.

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