“A thank you note to all who empowered me” – Woman

Image Source: Pixabay
Day that dignifies PINK
Day that solidifies RED
Day when she doesn’t sink
Day when she looks up to her instead
It’s her day. 
It’s my day.
It’s yours too.
Everything in this world has seen a journey. The trees, the sand, the slippers, even the cycle that is standing near the garage of my house. Everything has it’s own story and is willing to speak out.
Likewise, there is a beautiful journey hidden under the mask of the smile, tears or anger of a woman. Your mother, your sister, your neighbor and also the girl that you see smiling on the swing in that park and the lady that is sitting under the scorching heat of the sun just to sell those vegetables.
In these twenty years of survival, I have realized that I have stories to tell and my beauty, I own it but not solely because of me. Some faces, some souls and some hearts have made me who I am today. They have made me proud of myself. So this is not for me, but for them. Let me, on this women’s day, give a new side.
Thank you, Thank you for  every ounce of yourself that you have to given to me. For showing the beauty of the scars on my body, my face and my soul. I call you not the almighty but a part of me. Your existence in my every sphere of this little life made it an infinity. Every step that I walk today defines the pain of your struggle, every drop of my sweat redefines the intensity of your hard work. I know I am not princess but thank you for making me believe I am one.
Today I wish not to be ‘good girl’ but a confident lady. My every decision that has put me into the trap of sorrows, thank you for pushing me in and pulling me out of it. I still have a child in me, I still carry the innocence but thank you for putting pinches of maturity. This is a cruel world and I know I am going to face more, but thank you for making me realize the importance of every drop of that blood that I bleed every month. Thank you for making me embrace my own curves irrespective of their judgments. Thank you for making me fall for myself.
This is my story, my journey, so thank you for being my companion and also the guide. I am grateful to you. Thank you for shaping me! Thank you for letting me be!
– Mrunal Girhepuje