Grateful to my brother – one who empowers

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Gratefulness is not just a word but a feeling which is experienced by each and everyone whether human or an animal. The only, difference is that we as humans can speak and tell how grateful we are to the other person for the support which that person provided and animals can just express it through their gestures. Have you ever thought how important you are for the one, who is constantly standing by your side in one way or the other.

A woman definitely faces a lot of hurdles in her life, and when she gets the title of successful women she has been supported by many people in her life. Some of them might leave her in this journey while their still remains some who stand strong with her. She might not be able to show her felling of gratefulness to that person every time or even once in her life as the person who stood with her can be anyone, a stranger, a family member, a friend, a relative or even a person who guides her unknowingly, believes in her and motivates her to move on.

Story of my life is an ordinary one, but the incidents make this ordinary life of mine special for me. I was interested in writing poetry from an early age but people in my home saw this habit of mine as a waste of time. I was been taunted whenever I was seen holding paper and pen in my hand. My habit of writing was never praised by my father, and he unknowingly was demotivating me to write. But, when I took this passion of writing ahead I decided to get them published. The day, when I was holding the first copy of my book was a great day for me but the taunts continued to stay with me.

The person who stood strong with me seeing all these incidents was my cousin brother. Though, we don’t talk much but he is always ready to listen to my stuff even at odd times. From, the very first day of mine in house of my maternal grandparents in Gwalior till the present day he never let me face any problem during his presence. He is the one, who ordered my book in-spite of knowing that I will be giving him the copy I have. From guiding me during the board exams to encouraging me not to give-up on my passion, he is the one who always kept a check on my level of creativity. He is the one with whom I spend least time in communication but also the one who stands there when I need a support for moving on. My brother, not only praises me during my good deeds but also makes me aware of the harsh reality that one faces in life.

Today, when I got a chance to express myself I would like to show my heartfelt gratitude to my brother, Sagar Mishra for always being the one whom I needed in my life. He did not only conducted his part of responsibilities being an elder brother but also, made me feel safe and acted as a fatherly figure in my life. Yes, I am a lady who is strong, confident and successful but the credit of this goes to the one whom I can clearly call my motivation, inspiration and even mentor.

“Speaking these words with you in private I would not have been able to express what I really feel,

And as you suggested I will make people near me proud of having me in their life.

The only thing today, I want to say you is thank you

Because I know that I am not the best but you are perfect.”

                                          –  Ajita Pandey

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