Travelling with your baby for the first time?

Travelling with your baby for the first time
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When can babies travel safely?

Different airlines have different policies. Some require an infant to be at least two days old, others at least 2 weeks old. Doctors recommend you to wait until your baby’s immune system is more developed before flying. Usually they recommend at least one month, though most recommend anywhere between 3-6 months.

In case you are travelling by road, its up to you to make sure about all the safety issues there.

Check with your family doctor to see if it’s okay to travel. You can travel whenever you want with your baby, but your doctor can advise you about anything that you may not have thought of such as vaccines or other concerns.

Things to keep in mind AT AIRPORT

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Arrive earlier than you normally would to the airport. You will get access to some priority lines. Keep in mind that it takes time with all the things you will be carrying along with your baby. Arriving early is always better than late.

When it comes to boarding, remember that you get to board early with your child.

Also note that when the flight is taking off, you should hold your baby in a burping position.

Things to keep in mind AT DESTINATION

You can’t help certain situations especially when you are carrying a baby. You have to be flexible. Your schedule really revolves around the baby now. There will be times when baby will need to be fed and you will have to cut off your schedule to do so. You should be ready for it and plan accordingly.

If you’re crossing time zones, there might not be much you can do about the baby’s sleeping schedule. Some people try to adjust the sleeping schedule in advance, but that may not work too.

Wear your baby

Wearing your baby is so much easier than a stroller. You can easily move around and be faster in doing so. It will also keep you closer to your baby which will give them comfort. The bouncing effect when you walk will also let the baby sleep comfortably. It might not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try because it’s useful in planes too.


It’s natural and beautiful to feed your baby. You shouldn’t be shy about it. Your baby might need to be fed literally anywhere and sometimes you just have to find a spot and get comfortable somehow. You can carry a cover if that’s what makes you comfortable. Wear dresses that will make the process easier. If for some reason you can’t breastfeed or you don’t want to, you need not worry. Air planes also have allowances for breast-milk/formula and even baby food. They will even warm it for you if you ask for it.

Sleep sounds on your phone

Your baby might be in the habit to sleep with a white noise machine. At times the baby can’t sleep due to difference in the atmosphere or if they are a light sleeper. To make it comfortable for them, you can have the sleep sounds in your phone, iPad etc. You can maybe have an app or two downloaded so that you can play the sounds anytime. There are plenty of apps that provide sleep sounds.

Make sure about the local doctor/ emergency room at the destination

It is not predictable if things might just go wrong anytime. Anything small or big can happen while in the middle of a vacation. You can even have a major parent freak out moment when you don’t know what to make out of a situation for your baby and would require to see a doctor immediately. Therefore, keep one or two contacts of doctors and hospitals at the destination you are going. You must ensure this before leaving for your trip so that you will not panic in such situations.


Whatever you choose to do, plan it out ahead of time and try not to over-schedule the first few days of your trip. You can’t predict things entirely when you travel with an infant.