Indore Artists Create World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait

World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait
Image Source - Indore Talk

Indore’s Mariyam Wajid Siddiqui has done an amazing artwork with 2,44,446 nails over a span of 10 months along with her group of 30 women. The artwork portrays the Second World War period in which a woman sits in a carriage and is driven by two men. The piece of art is made on the sheet of PVC by hammering iron nails and is 64 feet high and 24 feet wide. The unusual and abstract elements used to tell the story which makes the piece of art all the more interesting. For example, there are no train driver’s head and foot and there is no steering in the vehicle.

Indore Artists Create World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait
Image Source – Indore Talk

Vision Of World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait

The message the artists want to express through this is that each man has the same task and eventually he or she steps in the same direction in order to follow the same route as others. Since nearly 2 million soldiers lost their lives in World War II, the artwork has used 20,44,446 nails; each nail carrying the loss of the soldiers and their families.

This artwork shows us that war is not the answer to any problem. While 200 artists were required to create this artwork, the artwork was completed with limited resources by Mariyam and her team of 30 girls selected from social media platforms. Mariyam’s husband, the artist Wajid Khan, who is a world-renowned artist himself, has played an important role to shape this project. The girls who made the vision of Mariyam a reality come from various parts of India. Only three from the 30 girls were artistic; the rest worked for the first time.

Indore Artists Create World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait
Image Source – Indore talk

Size of World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait

There are a total of 54 panels forming an artwork in which nails were hammered on 33 panels.

PVC panels have been bought from Korea, which has a life of 50 years. The Bangalore and Bombay company were hired to install this large artwork. Each nail is 3.85 cm in length and 0.3 g in weight. 20,44,446 This artwork uses the total number of nails. The project started about 10 months ago. And attempts to break the world record were carried out by continuously engaging 6 days. After every 4-hour, participants were given a half-hour break. They didn’t stop them from working after they had been injured, too.

Indore Artists Create World’s Largest Mosaic Portrait
Image Source – indoretalk

Team Wajid Art from Indore (Madhya Pradesh) India hit the World Record of “LARGEST METAL NAIL MOSAIC”  Mosaic’s size is 64 feet x 24 inches and 41.88 square meters covered with hammering nails, setting a new world record for the International Book of Records.