‘Woman’ Are You A Commitment Phobe?

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“Marriages & Motherhood in India Becoming less Traditional” Days are gone when getting married is one of the biggest concerns  for women in India. Today, women are postponing the marriage & motherhood  as much as they can. Liberal Society or Financial Freedom is not only the factor which changes the perception of women for marriage & motherhood There are many other factors which shape the mindset of young Indian women for marriage.

Same goes for motherhood also. Now women do not want to take liabilities before they feel themselves settled for their career. Not like earlier age where marriages and motherhood were bound by the age. Today’s woman is career oriented and she creates her own identity, and because of this she has a fear of losing her independence.

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Reasons Why Indian Women Are Scared Of Marriage & Motherhood: 

  • Losing Of Independence: Everybody wants the lead a life independently. Marriage and motherhood phase change the life of women. In their single hood they are free to do anything and can plan the thing anytime. But after  marriage and motherhood, they have to do the things according to their in-laws or matching the schedule according to their kids.

  • Lifestyle Change:  Change in lifestyle is not easy for the majority of women. And thought of changing lifestyle, place, family, pregnancy,  is hectic and it scares women.
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  • Maintaining the Status of Married women & Mother: Life of a woman is filled with expectation like changing family, lifestyle, having kids, take care of family, etc. Now a days women have only one mantra and i.e. “My LifeMy Rules, My Choice”  & this mantra triggered there doubt of marriage and motherhood.

  • Career Problem: It is true that after getting married or becoming a mother the career oriented women have to leave the job. As after getting married, they may change their city or country and that time they face the problem of not getting the job early. After becoming mother they have to look after their child so there is a huge gap in their career and because of this nowadays women are taking time to take the decision of getting married or becoming mothers.
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  • Additional Responsibility:  Change & Increase in responsibility are one of the dilemma to not get married. In India almost all the in-laws wants their daughter in law take the full responsibility of home and take care of their family and kids. The young Indian woman doesn’t like this idea.
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Not every Young Indian Woman is commitment phobic or don’t want to be a mother. Today’s woman can do various tasks easily. They know how to balance personal and professional life.  Marriage and motherhood is their choice. They don’t want the interference of society  to get married at  the right age and become a mother. There are many examples where they are single and  successful and living a fruitful life, also there is an  example of an unmarried single mother who adopted the child or become mothers through surrogacy or IVF are raising their child very well, & Also, there is anexample of mothers who became a mother when they want to be & not at the right age or when society wants.

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Successful Unmarried Women: We have various examples of women who are unmarried and successful and also take a plunge not to get married or want to get married when they want.

    • Tabu: The beautiful Bollywood diva is in her 40’s in still single. She is enjoying her single hood phase and stick to her choice getting married when she want. She believes in taking  things the way they come.

      • Lata Mangeshkar: The Nightingale of India  Lata Ji remains unmarried throughout in her life. She says that once the idea of marriage doesn’t come to her mind as she is taking care of her family which is her priority.

More examples of famous women personality who are unmarried and happy are: Sakshi Tanwar, Mamta Banerjee, Amisha Patel, Meghna Malik.

Unmarried Single Mother: Becoming a mother is a matter of choice. Taking a responsibility of children without getting married is in trend and also a powerful move. We have many examples of unmarried single moms who boldly taken the step of becoming a mother. 

Women Who Become Mothers When They Wanted To:  Many women became mother when they are desirous to become and not because the age bound. The right decision is important to become a parent not the age.

  • Gul Panag: She became a mother at the age of 39 breaking the mentality of society of becoming a mother at the right age.


    • Lisa Ray became a mother at the age of 46. The cancer survival actress is a mother of twins through surrogacy.

“It’s natural to be a Commitment phobic for long term relation  and taking time for making the decision to be a mother. It’s a matter of choice of yours  whether you want to get married, becoming a mother or single throughout your life. It’s your choice not others. Be practical and thoughtful before taking any decision”

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